Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Murphy's Law

...well, loosely, anyway.

That is a photo of a poster I have on my wall. Such is its meaning to me. If anyone wants to read each line (and some of them are brilliant), I'm sure you'll be able to find it online and be able to take a look.

Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. The broken appliance will work the moment the fix-it guy comes to check it, and you'll stand open-mouthed, trying in vain to tell him that it really wouldn't work before. To get a loan, you have to first prove you don't need it.

And, story of my life: there is a direct relationship between how much I have to get done outside of writing and how much I want to write one of my books. The more I have to do, the more I want to write instead. Coincidence? A cruel trick of fate? Or a mere procrastination technique? Who knows? It's a fact, whatever its reasons.

So, with about 1000+ words of an article to finish writing (and thank you again to everyone who helped me out with suggestions for that!), five books to revise for my exams next week (kind of revised one last night, so down one from six), a dire need to get a haircut, and graduation robes to hire - in spite of all this, all I really want to do right now is sit down and write more of TEA WITH DEATH, DESIRE AND RAGE.

Don't get me wrong. I love it when I'm this excited to write, when it's all I want to do. Like Sherlock Holmes, I work in frantic bursts of energy, getting loads done, and then go into a slump for weeks. So when inspiration's afire, I love letting it call.

I just wish it would pick a better time.

Anyone else experience similar twists of irony?


  1. Can't say that I do. I tend to pace myself at everything I do... Unless my objective is to burn myself out on something.

    Maybe it's different for authors. Judging from what I'm reading in all these writer blogs I'm following, a lot of people share your experience.

  2. at least you get lots done this way, even if its only for a few weeks here and there!