Thursday, 6 May 2010

More book joy...

Having just read and loved a couple more books this week, I thought I'd mention them and say, in the strongest possible terms, these are lovely and if you're looking for something to read, pick them! Yay!

Flyaway by Lucy Christopher

A story about a girl and her family, a sick boy, and a swan. It made me cry. It made me care about swans, which I hadn't been remotely interested in before. And it's really, really well written and really captures the young protagonist's voice. Amazing. Read this in about two hours.

City of Masks by Mary Hoffman

A time-slip novel about a sick boy who happens to time travel to 16th century Talia, a version of Italy. It's exciting, clever, emotional and really, really well-plotted. Read this in one night, and couldn't stop.

Sapphique by Catherine Fisher

Sequel to Incarceron, which I've blogged about before. This ties up a lot of loose ends, continues a story that's part-adventure and part-political intrigue, does a lot of very clever world-building and world-destroying, and has a very surprising and emotional end. On a more personal note, the ending absolutely maddened me because what I wanted to happen didn't. Ah, well. *mourns*

If anyone's read any of these, I'd love to know what you thought. To those who haven't, do any of them sound like something you might fancy?

The poll ends tonight, so I'll be writing up the winning post tomorrow!


  1. i've read the mary hoffman books, they're amazing. thanks for the reccs, it'll be nice to get something new to read! wonderful post!

    i've voted in the poll and am glad to see the post i voted for is winning at the moment!

  2. looks like the conversation i wanted is going to lose :-(

    and i think a giveaway/competition would be fun btw. have you still got that book we read in bangalore? could give that away ;-)

  3. I have to tell you, my dear, the Flyaway cover is gorgeous. Very tempting! Thank you for recommending these books!