Saturday, 1 May 2010

Bing! New Idea!

Sometimes, it really is like a satisfying clink in your head, when the light switches brightly on and you have a tremendous, magnificent, wonderful, exciting new idea.

At least, caught in the throes of that excitement, you feel it's tremendous, magnificent, wonderful. Whether or not other people will... well, that's another story. Still, you'll never know until you try writing it, will you? Which is exactly what I'm going to do. While I force ECHOES-2 into the corner of my head, where Echo and its other characters will continue to converse, argue and frolic furiously, and my other projects continue at their own erratic pace, I hope to start this. Something completely new.

It was inspired, ironically, by that 'first line' thing I talked about a while ago, which, in turn, was inspired by something else. My determination to start a novel with the line I sat down to tea with Death, Desire and Rage led to this.

Imagine a woman in her thirties, confined to a wheelchair with one misshapen foot, confined to her home, waiting for her lover to come back to her. He went away twenty years ago, but he left her three protectors: sober Death, compassionate, lively Desire and high-spirited Rage, three guardians who seem slightly out of the ordinary.

And so she waits, while around her the world and life blazes furiously on, and she watches it, standing outside of it, waiting.

That's all I've imagined so far, along with a few other characters. Any suggestions for a loose filler title based on the above?

More soon.

Update on ECHOES: Well, I've mentioned that an agent had been looking at the first 50 pages. Well, she emailed yesterday to ask for the full thing. I'm so excited.


  1. When does it take place?
    Is she aging or is she outside of time?
    Are the protectors anthropomorphic representations of concepts? Are they human incarnations of them?
    It would be neat to have them embodied by objects in the room! Objects that whisper to her... Command her, push her into doing things... Argue amongst themselves...

    Also,if she is in her thirties and her lover left 20 years ago... The first thought that springs to mind is "Huh, she had a lover at the age of 10?"...

    Sounds like it has a lot of creative potential, it could be spun into a surreal, slightly gothic, fantasy tale... Or it could be straight urban fantasy? Lot of possibilities! I'm looking forward to see where you go with it.

    Congrats for getting to the next phase with your manuscript!

  2. Sounds like a great idea. I'd love to know more and see where this goes. I'm also curious about when this takes place.

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  4. Ugh, just wrote a comment riddled with typos!

    Thank you for the enthusiastic comments so far!

    Alesa: those are great questions to think about, thank you!

    1. I'm deliberately not going to specify when it takes place exactly (that's the plan for now, anyway). I imagine it to be our present day, but with a gothic atmosphere, and the suggestion of an older time and place.

    2. She's definitely aging. She's thirty-eight when the story opens.

    3. Her protectors are 'human' incarnations of the concepts, but possess decidedly un-human-like qualities too. Outside of the three protectors, I did have an idea that ordinary objects might 'feel' alive to her, so it's quite cool that you suggested something similar to that!

    4. And yes, I know, it sounds weird when I put it the way I did! But she was seventeen when they met. :)

  5. So you had an agent ask for a full? I'm not jealous or anything. Igor, unleash the Death-Bots!

    Just joking. Congrats. May the agent offer representation very quickly. Only the best, Roland

  6. An agent? How exciting, you talented girl. The story certainly sounds intriguing and I'd love to read more but ageing? At 38? What does that make me, decrepit?

  7. @vintage vixen: I think "aging" was meant as experiencing the passing of time... like a normal human being. Instead of being frozen in time or immortal like a supernatural being, a statue, or something of that ilk. : j

  8. Vix: Alesa's right, I meant 'aging' as in the fact that she's perfectly human and ages normally, as opposed to 'getting old'! :)