Sunday, 2 May 2010

Blog Fest

A short weekend-post today.

First off, thank you to everyone who has voted in the poll so far. I'm rather amazed that 'a childhood anecdote involving an elephant' is tied in first place so far, as that really was a bit of joke. Joke's on me, I guess. Never fear, I shall follow through! To anyone who hasn't yet voted and wants to, the poll's in the sidebar, and please do add your thoughts in.

Bought beautiful shoes yesterday. Well, actually, Steve bought them for me, which I thought was very, very nice of him. Here they are.

*gazes at photo happily*

I've just joined The Alliterative Allomorph's Blog Fest, where you post a scene of 'internal conflict'. It sounds like it'll be lots of fun. The post date is 12th May, so if anyone else is interested, do have a look at her post and see if it's something you'd like to join.

Finally, for those who are interested, I've written about a thousand words of the Death-Desire-Rage project I mentioned yesterday. I absolutely love writing it so far, though obviously I couldn't tell you if it's good stuff or not; still, I think it's going well for now, and I hope to post the opening or an extract from the first chapter here soon.

Really must come up with a title for it, as referring to it is 'the Death-Desire-Rage project' is not only slightly misleading, but downright unwieldy. How about Tea with Ghosts? Or Tea with Death, Desire and Rage? The former is succinct but I guess it could give readers the wrong idea until they're a fair way into the story. So though the latter is longer, why not? I'll use that one as a filler for now. TEA WITH DEATH, DESIRE AND RAGE. Which I'll no doubt begin abbreviating to TEA out of pure laziness.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog,Sangu. What a nice way to start the morning {for me} with a new friend.

    There is another blogfest going on : the Primal Scream one. Here is the link if it's something you think might interest you :

    Thanks for enjoying that rather long read. I promise not -- ah, Grim, the hellhound, just gave me his 'what did I warn you about promises?' chuff. Anyway, I'll try to be kinder to your eyes in the future.

    Have a great week, Roland

  2. I'm glad you stopped by my blog! You're too sweet! Thanks for the comments!!

    I love The Alliterative Allomorph's blog, she's brilliant and I'm glad you joined the blogfest, I joined a little late but I'll be up for May 12th's Internal Conflict blogfest.

    Nice last line :)

  3. Thank you for the link, Roland, definitely going to look into that!

    And thanks for stopping by, Jen! The blogfest should be such fun!

  4. i was beaten to the first post award on this one!

    and from someone who reads your stuff, i think this is a very promising start! hopefully it keeps going well (and you don't forget about the other ones either !!!)


    (ps good choice on the shoes ;-) )