Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Phantom of Our Operas

In my first year of university, my English lit tutor told us that every text is shadowed by all the texts that came before it. Every writer is haunted by other writers, other stories, other books.

So, to my fellow writers out there: what are you haunted by?

(Ironically, I'm listening to a song from Love Never Dies as I write this. It's probably what got me thinking about the actual Phantom of the opera in the first place.)

In the spirit of hauntings and phantoms, in whatever context, I thought I'd offer up a scene from ECHOES.


(Text from the novel removed. Sorry!)


Any thoughts would be great!

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  1. You certainly have me intrigued about the rest of the book! :) I agree that whatever we've read in the past haunts our own writing in some way. I know books and stories I've read by Agatha Christie, Flannery O'Connor, and various short story authors float in my head when I start writing. It can be a bit daunting, but it also pushes me to write the best that I can.

  2. This was lovely. I assume it's part of your WIP? I love both the writing and the idea behind the story. Saw you comment on Nathan Bransford's blog and thought I'd pop in. I'm glad I did. :)

  3. Very nice work! Whether we're aware of it or not, I think we're all influenced by our pasts, whether by life experience or books we've read. In a way, all writers are haunted, it's what makes us want to write.

  4. I really like this bit, glad you added it. Think it needed a bit of an explanation of why someone would want one. Yay!

  5. Thanks, Amy, and I think that's a great point: while it's daunting to be constantly shadowed by great writers, it does make you write better, doesn't it?

    Victoria, thank you! It's part of my novel that's currently out on submission. So glad you found me, I love happy accidents :)

    @VR Barkowski: I never actually thought of it that way, that the 'haunting' is what makes us want to write!

    Yeah, I'm still glad I wrote this scene into the story, Steve. It was sorely needed.

  6. I hope you end up getting this story published because i would love to read more. better then anything i could ever write.
    Kudos to you