Monday, 14 June 2010

The Character Interview Blogfest is here! Yay!

It's here! At last! The character interview blogfest, in which we, as writers of various forms of story, sit down/stand up and attempt to interview our intrepid characters. While picking a character was unbelievably hard, because I love them all so much, I eventually settled on - wouldn't you know it - the most difficult, exasperating (and almost the most beloved) one of all. 

I thought I'd post my interview now, in the wee hours, then get some sleep, tackle the mayhem of my day, and then come back and treat myself with everyone else's entries.

Before I go on, I want to thank everyone who's signed up and been so enthusiastic about this blogfest. You're all wonderful, and I hope you enjoyed doing this as much as I have!

And so, on with the show...

The other day, with the blogfest very firmly in mind, I invited one of my characters, Sir Matthew Mercer, to tea. He turned me down somewhat impolitely, which made for an inauspicious start. I asked him why, and he said he didn't 'feel like it'. Thanks, Matthew. Eventually, I think his curiosity got the better of him, because he turned up at my door at the precise hour, decked out in his usual vest of light chain mail over shirt and trousers.

To those who aren't in the know, Sir Matthew is a Weaver. He makes echoes. He wears his chain mail because, he claims, 'knife crime is a tragic thing'. I suspect the real reason is because he's afraid of being exterminated by a hunter. But I can't be sure of this. With Matthew, as my protagonist Echo will tell you, you can't be sure of anything.

SANGU(S): So, ahem, Matthew. Thank you for coming, even if you did refuse my invitation, show up unannounced, and surprise me in my pyjamas.

MATTHEW(M): They're not even very nice pyjamas, are they?

S: *blushes* Well... you're not here to talk about pyjamas, so let's -

M: Why not?

S: Excuse me?

M: Why can't we talk about pyjamas? I happen to own the most glorious pair. Silver. I gleam like a suit of armour, it's delightful.

S: A nugget of knowledge I'm most happy to add to my notes, but I'd rather talk about more important things.

M: I can't imagine there are more important things than pyjamas.

S [exasperated]: Well, I can, so please shut up about the bloody pyjamas and let me ask you a decent question. I have blog readers, you know! They expect exciting things! They don't want to hear about your stupid silver pyjamas! In fact, I'm banning the word pyjamas. Anyone who says it gets killed in the next book.

M [with a voice like a tiger on the prowl]: Just how do you envision finishing this saga of a tale without me, my dear? Where do you hope to find another Weaver as handsome, ambiguous and interesting as I? I hope you don't mean to use Elsa or Adrian. They'd be awful at playing the ambiguous, handsome and mysterious figure.

S: Handsome and mysterious? Don't make me laugh, Matthew!

M: Sir Matthew.

S: I gave you your stupid title, I can take it away too!

M: Oh, tut, do resist the urge to exercise your authorial powers. It would make for a very poor story if you were in charge of everything.

[SANGU takes a deep breath and counts to ten]

M: Have you got any biscuits?

S: In the cupboard.

M: They're not the right kind.

S: Well, you can **** right off then.

M: Egad! My ears have been positively scorched. Come, come, let's not go into a sulk. Ask me anything you like. I shall answer them. I won't promise to answer them well, but I'll offer a response. Or two.

S: One's more than enough, thanks. Could you stop spilling crumbs all over the carpet? I thought you didn't like those biscuits. Anyway, on to the first question: what first put you on to the idea of Weaving? 

M: It was Adrian who first put us on to it. You may have noticed that he has a slight desire to cheat death.

S: Ah, yes. A slight desire. Hmm. But echoes don't really cheat death...

M: But they were supposed to, my dear. Haven't you worked that out yet? They were supposed to cheat death. And I can't imagine why they won't, in a few years' time, once we've worked out the kinks in the system. Soon, we'll solve death.

S: You seem very sure.

M: I know everything.

S: Well, you don't, actually -

M: I think you'll find I do. 

S [sighs]: So that was the idea all along, then? To fix these 'kinks', as you call them, so that echoes are more... complete. So that they're more than just echoes? You're giving me that look, so I'll take that as a yes. Is that what you really want?

M: I have whims. They change so often, as is the nature of whims. How can one ever be certain of what one wants?

S: Matthew...

M: Oh, do refrain from scowling. Why wouldn't I want to fix the kinks?

S: You'd rather have Amarra instead of Echo? You'd rather have the girl who died instead of the one you stitched into being?

M: Oh, look! A sparrow! Isn't it just darling?


As you can see, I suffer enormously. 

Do scroll down the list in the sidebar to check out everyone else's entries! And once again, thanks for reading and for participating!


  1. LOL this is great. Doesn't it just kill you when characters have a mind of their own? Mine always do...

    Thanks for posting this blogfest, I always love doing character interviews. I've already posted my entry, too ; p

  2. That was supposed to say HOSTING, not POSTING.

    Although I guess you did post it, too.


  3. My interview is so short!
    And is it supposed to be today? I thought it was Tuesday.

  4. Thanks for hosting the blogfest!
    I like that guy. He's got spunk.
    The more you try to keep characters in line, the more they challenge you. Nice job!

  5. Gorgeous! I'm now tearful because I was laughing so hard!

  6. Hahaha! Exasperating characters are the most fun to write, I think. I kind of like when they fight back.

    Thanks for Hosting!! This was a great idea! Can't wait to read all the other entries!

  7. hehehe... That was awesome. I think you, the one interviewing, acted in a more entertaining fashion than the character being interviewed. Very funny how things went down. And thank you so much for such a great blogfest.

  8. You're characters are being difficult aren't they? Great interview, thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Lol! Cute entry, and nice tie-in to the premise of your novel. This was amazing :) Thanks for hosting!!!

    <3 Kelsey Leigh

  10. That was great! I loooooved Matthew! =D
    Thanks for hosting this awesome blogfest!

  11. wow, found this just today and am planning to post a quick interview of one of my fav characters.

    Wonderful blogfest ! Thanks for hosting ..yay, another fab blog to follow....

  12. :) This is such an amazing blogfest idea, I loved your interview!

  13. Thanks for hosting the blogfest! And the best characters are the headstrong ones--at least, that's what my characters tell me. ;)

  14. Oh I did enjoy this little introduction to Sir Matthew. Intriguing!

  15. Ha! LOVE Sir Matthew! Unreliable, eccentric characters make for the best reading. Nice job - and so much fun to read!!

  16. I stumbled on this blog totally by accident. Then I read your interview and noticed that I was smirking the entire time. I have decided to follow you, mostly because I want to find out if Matthew really knows everything. The interview was great! :)

  17. ROFL! Sangu, you rock! I love this interview!
    Your MC sounds might obnoxious! I can't wait to meet him in person.
    ((Hugs)) Thank you so much for hosting this blogfest, it's been waaaay fun!;)

  18. Your fest is a hit, and your post was great fun. Does Mathew get to be funny in the novel? I hope so. : 7

  19. You should have posted a warning before the deadly pyjamas came up! Masterful skill of head to mouth coordination was all that saved my laptop! And I loved his change of topic with the 'hard' question!

    I can't tell you how much fun I had reading your entry!

    Thanks so much for hosting this fest!!!

  20. I'm seeing the most interesting thread in these interviews: the characters are in control rather than the writer. Very telling. Great interview Sangu, Matthew's voice comes through loud and clear.Thanks so much for hosting. I'm having a blast reading.

  21. This was so much fun!!

    Great job on Mathew's voice! I loved when he said, "Oh, tut, do resist the urge to exercise your authorial powers. It would make for a very poor story if you were in charge of everything."

  22. I loved reading this! Great job. Really enjoying this character blogfest!

  23. Your blogfest is a certified hit, Sangu. Aren't you happy? Push-over characters tend for boring reads. Matthew has his own agenda and self-will oozing out of his chain mail. I truly enjoyed reading your interview.

    Thanks for hosting such a neat blogfest. Roland

  24. Hey Sangu - yours is my first read & I'm laughing. I love it! So fun. Thanks for hosting this fest. This is a blast.

  25. For some reason, my link didn't take yesterday. I tried again, and now it's there. Don't know what happened.

  26. OMG, my characters run me too! lol He's delightful...I take it he's a bit of a scoundrel? I have this thing for scoundrels...I love writing them. When I was single, I dated them too, though I won't say I loved it. lol

    Thanks for hosting the blogfest and for the entertaining entry to start it all off. ;-)

  27. I loved your character! He's so hilarious. Thanks for hosting the awesome blogfest.

  28. Sangu, an award for thee awaits on my blog =)

  29. Wow! I'm so glad everyone seems to have enjoyed the blogfest! I'm so sorry I can't reply to each of your comments individually yet, and I hate making excuses, but I'm ridiculously swamped this week!

    Thank you for all your wonderful entries and comments, they were so nice to read!

    You might like to know that Matthew appreciates the comments too. Well, he sniffed and said rude things, but let's pretend he appreciated them, shall we?