Wednesday, 16 June 2010

"I've got a feeling, oooooo"

That tonight's going to be a good night?

Well, I think it will, because I'm determined to get to bed early, curl up, and read one of the new books Steve bought me last week. I've been meaning to do this for three nights now, but I've instead ended up staying at the laptop late into the night trying to sort out things like houses, moving in, finances, and other exciting, stressful and dismal things (respectively).

This is where I am! In the heart of that maze!
I've always been a compulsive bookworm, but there was a time when I never let a Wednesday go by without going to the Carleton, a cheesy but weirdly fun club that Lancaster University students love (or hate). 

Having out-Carletoned myself in my second year, though, I've spent this year behaving steadily more non-student-like as the months have gone by, which includes sometimes staying in and trying to sort things out/treating myself with a new book.

In fact, last night I did a most un-student-y thing: I went to an art exhibition. Okay, so the exhibition was meant to showcase the third-year art students' work, one of whom happens to be my friend Katy. But you should have seen it: it didn't feel like a student gallery at all. With free wine, stunning clothes and that kind of pure bright light you only ever find in shiny art galleries, I felt like a Sophisticated Woman of Culture.

Oh, yes. My friend Lindsey and I even managed to look thoughtfully at certain pieces of art and say things like well, what do you think this empty space represents, darling? in voices borrowed straight off Jennifer Saunders.

Flippancy aside, it was a really lovely gallery with some amazing stuff in there. Katy's was my favourite. Obviously.

But forget the nights! What about the days?

Today is absolutely gorgeous. I haven't been outside yet, but it looks spectacular from my window. Sunny, bright, possibly even - gasp, dare I say it? - warm

To those of you who live in the UK, you'll know what a rare treat this is!

Now I don't want to start counting my chickens and all that, but could this be - could it possibly, maybe, really be - the start of summer? Should I be decking myself out in a floaty little dress and my favourite new sandals and breeze down the campus path with the wind in my hair and my sunglasses firmly in place? Should I be dragging my flatmates down to the green with ice-cold drinks?

Maybe I will.

So what do you like to do on a gorgeous day?


  1. Wind in your 'air? Are you turning scouser on us? ; j

    About the beautiful weather, why not enjoy it as much as your obligations allow while you have it. Whatever happens next you'll have had that enjoyment.

    When the weather turn lovely, I... Hmm... Don't really do anything different. I wear one less T-shirt, open windows, and... and... That's about it. : p

  2. Darn. Stupid typos. Maybe I should keep it and call it regional flavour? :)

    I often find that when the weather's good I don't do anything special either! I think it's because I grew up in a hot climate, so while it's exciting when it's warm in England, I often just think 'well, it's not like I'll never see the sun again - there's plenty in Bangalore!'

  3. I have similar feelings about the "cold" weather we get around these latitudes. I think of Hokkaido and think, huh, what a mild winter's morn. ; j

    That reminds me, I've been meaning to ask, (if you don't mind my asking that is) how many languages do you speak? And how often do you go back?

  4. I think, sadly, that I can only reasonably put English on that list. Sort of. I did French as a GCSE, but I've forgotten most of it (never knew it that well to start off, anyway) - and I also speak/read a fair bit of Kannada, which is the local language of Bangalore (though as almost everyone speaks English anyway, I rarely find myself using it). Languages have never been my thing :)

    About going back, I do it once a year, during the summer (nine months here for uni, three months back), but I reckon that will change now that I'm graduating and hoping to settle down. I'd like to still go back at least once a year, but I'll have to see if that works out!

    Which reminds me, how many languages do you speak? Because you seem to know 'hello' in just about every single one! :)

  5. Same thing I do on cold days (like today): write and read.

    Enjoy your book. :D

  6. Thanks, Stina! Ah, writing and reading. I love that you can do them whatever the whether, place, etc.

  7. I know a number of expats who manage, or second gen expats who manage to go back once a year. It is doable. : j 3 months out of twelve sounds like an excellent way of staying connected.

    If you don't mind, I'll recomment what i first answered when you asked that question since you seem to have missed it in the flurry of things you've had going on.

    "LoL, two languages isn't a big deal. There countries full of people for whom that (at least) is the norm.
    If you take all the fragments of languages in which I barely know how to ask for food in a restaurant... I 'd say I know about seven-eighths of one language; but don't tell my employers though, they think I'm fully bilingual. ; j"

    The "hello" thing is just a game I play, at first I was going from memory, but then I ran out at about 12 or so... So beyond that I went online for more exotic languages. I can't claim credit for knowing them. I'm hoping that if I keep at it, even I will eventually learn new ways of saying hello.

  8. I get ridiculously excited when the sun's out in the UK, I work in the garden and have wine on the lawn. We get such unsettled weather it's always worth making the most of it when we can.
    I love art galleries but always feel like I'm going to be found out to be a phoney who knows nothing.

  9. Ah, yes, Alesa, I remember reading that comment! I just assumed that, what with your exotic 'hellos', you knew other languages than French and English!

    Vix, I know nothing about art either! Well, I suppose I know what I think it beautiful and what isn't, but 'art' seems to have such a dodgy definition. We really went for the free wine and to see our friend's work, so I was surprised that I liked so much of it! :)

  10. We should go to an art gallery together because I would be the same way!! Haha, put on that summer dress and those sunglasses. You're allowed to enjoy the weather :) Curling up with a good book is one of life's greatest pleasures!!

  11. It was gorgeous today, wasn't it? Sigh!

    I went to Tesco's! In the sun! God, it's an exciting life I lead.

  12. It's all right, Talli! I put on my sunglasses and my summery shoes... and went to do a psychology experiment to make a few pennies. Gripping stuff! :)

  13. I've been to and part of several student art gallery displays and yes, they are usually wine and cheese affairs.

  14. Sad as it sounds - especially when I'm working on WIPs - I won't even step outside long enough to know if it's hot, cloudy, sunny, or storming viciously! I tend to get lost in what I'm doing! LOL

    BTW - There's an award for you on my blog. :)

  15. Just enjoy it I think! There's something very nice about those rare occasions when you can sit on the grass and feel the heat sinking into your bones.

  16. Ooh, get the floaty sundress! The floaty sundress! lol. In the baking heat of the States, my summer uniform has become the maxi dress and gladiator sandals. Enjoy the day! Oh, and there's an award for you over on my blog :D