Saturday, 19 June 2010

Tagged: What's in my Bag?

Well. A different kind of post for me, which is probably a good thing because I daresay my writing-related posts can get a bit repetitive, even for fellow writers! And as I can't resist the urge to talk about clothes, shoes or accessories sometimes, this is a perfect time for me to indulge myself.

Earlier this week, the fabulous Vix tagged me, asking me to tell all about the contents of my bag. Alas, I wish my bag were more exciting, but here goes, anyway.

The bag in question. I'm sort of in love with this bag, it feels so summery and its colours are brighter than they look in this photo!

And what's in the bag? Well, starting from the top left (about nine o' clock) and working clockwise: there's a tissue, a package that I tried to post today but couldn't, my wallet/purse, my sunglasses, my passport, a scarf (it was chilly today!), Georgette Heyer's A Civil Contract, a scrap of paper on which I've written everything I needed to buy in town today, a stick of lip gloss that you can't see because I seem to have placed it badly, and a bunch of postcards from the art exhibit I went to on Tuesday. Sadly, nothing scintillating to be found in my bag today!

Now I'm going to tag:


But I'm also going to throw it out as an open question because I'm generally nosy, and I love how sometimes the most unexpected and random answers come up! So, what's in your bag right now? 


  1. Oh! I like this one! But gah, are you sure you really want to know? It's a black hole.

    I'll do this one next week - I really like it. Thanks for the tag and I hope you're having a good Sat night. I'm watching Come Dine with Me - that's as exciting as it gets tonight! :)

  2. Yes I do want to know, so no trying to sneak out of it! :)

    I LOVE Come Dine With Me. The sarcastic narrator/voiceover is sometimes almost too much for my splitting sides to stand. And the show always makes me hungry.

  3. Oh, I watch just for the narrator! I *love* him! I'd like to have him narrating my life... or maybe not.

  4. Haha nah I don't think you would. Imagine the things he'd say about you every time you had a typo. *shudders*

  5. Sorry, I don't have a purse, and it would be a scary thing if I did have one!

  6. You are sooo sweet for tagging me!!! Here is my email: elizabethmueller6ATgmailDOTcom!

    I don't have a purse thingie but I do have a laptop bag! Muahahahha! The things I have in there, oh boy, it'll be fuuuun! ;)

  7. Aw, Alex, that's a shame! I don't blame you, though - I refused to use a bag until about a year ago. It just eventually got too stressful carrying everything in pockets/other people's bags. :)

    Elizabeth, I'll email you soon! Looking forward to seeing what dark things that laptop bag holds!

  8. LoL... Phew, as challenges go, this is easy.; j

    I only carry a camera bag. It fits my camera, house keys, wallet, and my trusty old pda. That's it. That's essentially all I ever carry unless I'm traveling.

    Hehe, if I took my camera out to take a shot of the bag it would look almost empty! ; j

    I used to always carry juggling balls and a yoyo, but they don't fit anymore, so shrug...

    You seem to travel pretty light too! :D

  9. Alesa, yes, travelling light is my only way to go. I think I'm too small-built to bear the weight of an enormous bag with half my life packed in at all times. :) Though it is tempting when I'm out and I need something I don't normally carry...!

  10. Love, yes... but a publishing contract would be a nice too. And a hairbrush-in-your-bag, for those awfully windy days when you're out and about:)

  11. I have what my friends< Sandra and Eric> call my "man-purse." LOL. It's a backpack I started using when I was on the roads during Hurricane Rita. It has antibiodic gel, band-aids, mouth wash, tooth paste, assorted cd's, and most important of all -- my Kindle with its 181 stored books, fiction, non-fiction, and research. It also has free wirless internet service. Whoo Hoo!

    Have a great weekend. I thought sure you'd do the BAD BOY blogfest, Roland

  12. Oooh your backpack could save lives!

    I think I might have to back out of the Bad Boy Blogfest, Roland! Turns out I don't have any suitable scenes already written and I'm too swamped to write up a new one in time :(

    Have a great weekend too!

  13. You use a brush? I only use a comb... But my hair is almost always tied back and or braided.

    I've been wondering, is there an advantage to the brush over the comb if you have straight hair? I haven't found one.

    So... Al you need is:
    1) love
    2) a publishing contract
    3) a brush for the windy days
    4) a good book (pillow, self defense, entertainment)

  14. Sangu--my schedule is booked on my blog until the 9th of July for this post. I'm sorry to keep you waiting that long. *sigh* Have a great weekend! ;)

  15. i'm a guy, every guy has the same thing in his bag... barring a serious injury in the past :O lol

  16. @laughingwolf: And what would that be?

  17. That is a pretty bag. I'm odd in that I love purses, especially ones with lots of pockets, but I hate actually carrying one. lol. The last bag I bought was in January, and it's strictly functional, not cute. It holds my netbook, but also has a pocket with slots to hold my ID, credit cards, money, etc. I wish it was cuter, but the pretty computer bags cost more than I want to spend.

  18. What a pretty bag! I might have known you'd have a book stowed away in there somewhere.
    Scarves were essential yesterday, talk about chilly, hope it's betetr for Glastonbury.
    Lovely to learn a little more about you.

  19. How odd - my verification code then was pursemi!!

  20. Pretty much my entire life. Swear.