Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Regular readers might have noticed that when I first started writing TEA WITH DEATH, DESIRE AND RAGE a few months ago, I couldn't stop talking about it and I was really excited about it. New novel, new idea, new characters. And you might also have noticed that the enthusiasm tapered off until I was no longer talking about it...

I did actually consider abandoning the story altogether. I'm not sure why, except that I'd hit a block and couldn't really muster the enthusiasm to work my way around it.

Then, just a few days ago, while I scribbled out new ideas inspired by the game I played with all of you, I thought I'd go back and reread some of my old files to see if anything there could spark off an idea too. I stumbled on TEA, and, bam.

I fell in love with it again.

I wish I could describe how amazing that feeling was, but I can't. It was shocking and astonishing and I loved it! And now I think about the story constantly, once again, and I'm so excited to keep writing it. I've changed some things around in my head, including the way I wanted the story to go, and I think that might have overcome the 'block'. Now I can't believe I ever thought I'd abandon this one.

Have you ever rediscovered your joy in something you thought you'd lost interest in? How did it feel for you?


  1. I was wondering what was going on with Tea with DDR...

    Hmm... Rekindled interest... Hmm.

    Surely it must have happened but I can't think of any specific instances. If I really like something I tend to stick to it for a long time (with breaks) and only drop it when something major turns me off.

    Lovely to hear you got your mojo back for Tea with Dance dance revolution (sorry, couldn't resist: although I've never played it, I'm enough of a geek for DDR to immediately spark that in my mind).

  2. Oh that's exciting news. How far had you got with it before the block happened?

  3. Ha, Alesa, now you've got me going "So I'm writing Tea with Dance Dance... darn it! I mean..."

    Thanks, I'm so happy I've got it back too, it's lovely to write the story again!

    Alex, I'd written roughly four chapters before something kind of turned me off in May, so it's been months since I've looked at it. Now I'm reworking the fourth chapter and feeling much happier about it :-)

  4. I'm so excited for you. It's lovely to rekindle your joy in something. At the moment it's sewing and I'm currently awaiting my excercise mojo to return! xxx

  5. I LOVE that feeling of rediscovery. It's like reopening a box in the basement that contains your absolute favorite childhood toy and all the wonderful memories come flooding back that you can't help but smile and maybe even tear up a bit. I'm so happy for you :)

  6. I hit a wall at what I thought what the halfway point in my third novel and had to put the thing aside for what turned out to be two years before I got an ‘in’, found a new direction and finished rest with very little difficulty. How did I feel once I got back into it? Relieved. For most novelists it’s the second one that’s the bitch – mine was a breeze but it was a sequel which was why. With the third book I was trying not to write the same book I had just done only with different characters, That’s why I had to stop and indeed the first section of the book is quite similar to the tone of the first books but after that it was all change. I was relieved because I thought I had only two books in me and I didn’t think I could hold my head up and say I was a real writer until I had at least three under my belt. Now I have four and I’m starting to warm to the idea.

    I’ve had to take a similar break with my fifth novel. The reason this time was that I had rushed to start it and it needed a lot more thought before I did. Plus I was ill and that never helps. My wife is away to America at the end of the month during which time I intend to use to get back into it. We’ll see. But if I can’t I’ll work on something else. The worst thing you can do when stalled is sit around and wait for a good idea. Do something else to take your mind off it. During that two year break on my third book I wrote forty-odd short stories and a play plus my usual quota of poems.

  7. Oh hey, Sangu! I found something odd on my blog... Have you seen this? : j

  8. Awesome! I've come back to abandoned stories and re-read them and undug that same old feeling I had when I originally wrote it.

    Sorta like hearing a song you used to love.

    I'm like that with my current project. Talked about it for a couple of months, then let it sit, now I'm feeling more pumped about getting back to it.

    - Eric

  9. It's hard to maintain enthusiasm all the time - I think it's natural - kind of like love at first sight. Usually it fades away into normal life and routine! It's like that with novels for me. I try not to draw out the first-draft process too long or I lose my momentum.

  10. Glad you rediscovered your passion. I'm looking for a jolt right now myself.

  11. This happens to me with a lot of things I write...which is why you'll usually find me working on two novels at once. I always say no writing is ever wasted. Put it away if you fall out of love with it but whatever you do, don't delete it!

  12. Glad you got your groove back! I think my major hurdle right now is finding a balance with life and writing. Once I get everything evened out, I bet I'll rediscover my passion for the zombies. Til then...happy writing!