Wednesday, 25 August 2010

One is Not Amused

For all you UK and Commonwealth-dwellers out there (and indeed, for anyone who likes a good laugh), I just had, had, had to point you to the Twitter account of @Queen_UK. A friend made me go look this up last night, and can I just say? Nearly wet myself laughing.

These are the tweets of the (fictional) Queen, Elizabeth Windsor, and they're brilliant, hilarious, and just generally incredible. I could gush forever, and really, it's tempting. But instead I'll just post a couple of my favourite tweets here, and hope you'll love them enough to go read more of @Queen_UK.

Cannot decide whether to make Masterchef Lisa Faulkner a Dame or start nuclear arms race with Iran. Royal decisions, Royal decisions. 

One never has more than one gin and dubonnet before 6pm. Thankfully, it's always after 6pm in one Commonwealth Realm or another. 

No, no more, one has to reign in the morning. In fact, one is reigning in Australia in less than an hour. Oh go on then; just a double. 


  1. Oh, that's fun! I'll have to follow HRH, right away. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Heheh, those are cute. : j

    Smirk worthy:

    Well, I bid you now a lovely end of week and week end. I'm off on an extended weekend getaway! Read you Monday!

  3. Those are really cute! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Hilarious! I don't understand Twitter but these crack me

  5. I have never read them but now I want to.


  6. Hahaha! Love this!

    I also enjoy Big Ben on Twitter - Bong bong bong bong, etc! And feral pigeon.