Tuesday, 3 August 2010

List Day: Favourite Couple-Names

Today I'm tickled by the phenomenon of Couples with Names That Are the Same. Or Couples With Names That Rhyme. No, I don't know why I've been thinking about it today. Yes, I am silly. I love being silly. Today is totally going to be a Silly Day.

So, my top five favourite couples' names, all of which I've encountered in real life or in a piece of fiction (so I'm not just making up the most ridiculous names I can think of. They're real.)

5. Earl and Pearl 

(from the movie Sweet Home Alabama, I think)

4. Sean Bean

(okay, so he's not a couple and I love Sean Bean, and his names don't really rhyme. But I'll admit that the first time I read this name in the credits, I giggled for about ten minutes and kept saying 'Seen Bean' for ages.)

3. Jo and Joe

(I mean, really. How unfortunate to fall in love with someone called Joe if you're called Joanna or Josephine and you end up having to call each 'Jo/e' all the time. And what about when you're with friends? Do they say 'Jo' and you both turn around?)

2. Wayne and Jane

(Not kidding here, I actually know a couple with these names. Sigh.)

The thing about Jo and Joe, though, is at least they can write their names down or sign emails without confusing people. Unlike...

1. Sam and Sam

(Again, true story. Boy-Sam makes an effort to call Girl-Sam 'Samantha', but that just annoys her because she prefers being called Sam. Tricky, eh.)

And there we have it, my silliness for today. In other news, my manuscript has just been requested by an agent (sent it off about half an hour ago). That makes it two manuscripts currently out in the world, and fingers crossed I maybe, hopefully, maybe get good news from at least one! Eeep.

I've also just finished reading Catherine Ryan Hyde's Second Hand Heart, so look out for my review either tomorrow or Thursday!

Now tell me about the silly things that make you giggle like a twelve-year-old girl.


  1. Heya Sangu! Heheh... Fun post!

    When I was a kid, there was an elderly couple who were essentially grandparents to all the kids in the neighborhood... They were Bob and Bobby Beck. : j

    Surreal Japanese humor always gets me giggling... : j

  2. Bob and Bobby?! That's got to be another one for the favourites list! Oh, dear, now I'm giggling again. May the silliness never die.

  3. LOL! Great list.

    I giggled over Sean Bean, too, btw. Still do on occasion...

    I once saw a snowboarding/extreme skiing documentary that had a guy called something Heather (last name) skiing or snowboarding (can't remember which). He had a fianceƩ called Heather (first name). They asked her if she'd keep her maiden name when they got married, she said no. So she's probably Heather Heather by now.

    (tried to find them on the internet but couldn't...stupid google)

  4. Nooooo! But that's the cardinal rule of names! You do NOT take on a last name that's the same as your first name! Imagine the disasters. Robin Robinson. Cameron Cameron.

    Heather Heather probably takes the cake, though.

  5. I know! I think they asked kind of as a joke, because no way, right? But she was so serious about it!

    ALSO, consider yourself TAGGED for the handwriting tag! (I'm adding you to the list as we speak) ; P

  6. A request for a manuscript? How fab, Sangu! Keeping my fingers crossed for a great outcome!
    Love the silly names. I knew a Shaun and Dawn once, which was pretty daft.
    I also like unfortunate names, like I knew a Wayne Dear and Theresa Green when I was at Junior school.
    Vix xxx

  7. I know a married couple name Terry and Terri. Same last name now that they're married.

  8. Sam and Sam is definitely the worst. But I'm glad soemone else thinks about this kind of thing and it's not jsut me ;)

  9. Ha ha, I love this post! Sam and Sam is pretty bad.

    Congrats on your MS request - fantastic! Fingers crossed!

  10. LOL. Sam and Sam is COOLZ. It's like Taylor Swift and Taylor Launter (is that how you spell his name?)(Geez, I'm out of touch)(they did maybe/maybe not date for a while, yea?)... ANYHOODLES, I think it's cool because you could be all "Oh SAM, why are you so silly?" and then when you're other half gets moody you can claim you were not talking to HIM.


    ALSO, Sean Bean is the BEST. He does voice-overs for this phone advert here, I do tend to laugh along WITH him (not at)(I'm sure he must see the humour too).