Friday, 27 August 2010

Echo Keeps Echoing

It's been a busy week for me re. submissions. Most of you might know that I've had my manuscript out with two agents for a while now. Well, this week, both got back to me in the space of two days. Both passed.

But, lest this throw me into a fit of depression to last the next decade, the first rejection was, quite possibly, the best rejection I could have gotten. The agent in question had a few very complimentary things to say about the book, including that she absolutely thought I was on to something, and she referred me to another agent who she thought ECHOES-aka-WHERE SHE LINGERS would be right for. Needless to say, this cheered me no end. I decided to look at it the positive way: she had no problem with the quality of the book, it just wasn't right for her. Agents don't refer you to a friend and fellow agent if they think you suck, right? (No, don't answer that!)

So I rattled off an email to said New Agent at once. Twelve minutes later, I had an email back from her saying my book sounded great and could I send her the manuscript? I did, seventeen minutes after that.

That brings my tally up to five full requests, four rejections thus far. Not the happiest tally in the world, but hey. I'm still thrilled about that referral. Apparently they're like gold dust.

It's not the end of Echo, not by a long shot.

No, I'm not stubborn. What on earth gave you that idea?

Oh, all right. I am.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. I'm thrilled for you, Sangu! Sounds extremely promising. Hope Steve's going to treat you to a slap up lunch in Wetherspoons over the weekend by way of a celebration.
    I've been mostly getting wet this week, but it's lovely here in the sunny midlands today...hooray!! xxxx

  2. These are KICK ASS news Sangu! Congrats! I'm hoping it will work for you, and honestly, I agree with you: Your numbers are definetly not bad at all!

    Stubborness is the soul to this business =)

  3. Oh that's brilliant news!! Although it's technically a rejection it must be about the best way possible to do break the news. I'm so excited to see what this new agent thinks of the book.

    I've been frantically dashing round all week trying to get organised. Hopefully all the effort will have paid off and I can have a lovely relaxed weekend.

  4. I think I was so excited for you that I lost the ability to proofread my own comments. I didn't actually mean to write "to do break"

  5. That's great! Don't be afraid to go through more if needed. Just don't give up.

  6. Writers never give up! We are known for our persistence and I know one day down the road you'll be squeeing with glee about what you landed! We all have faith... sending some sparkle dust your way!

  7. That's a lot of manuscript requests! What the heck is your secret?


  9. That's so amazing! MEGA congrats!! :D
    And no, I'm pretty sure an agent would NOT recommend you to try another agent if they thought the book didn't have MAJOR possibilities. :D I agree with Talli - do a happy dance!

  10. Sangu, that's awesome! Congratulations on the agent referral. Woohoo!! I'm doing a happy dance for you!

    ~that rebel

  11. Congratulations on the referral! Keep on trying, it's what you love, and I'm sure it will pay off one (very soon) day!

  12. Good luck! I definitely think that an agent refering you to a friend of theirs is a good thing :)

  13. Send my publisher a query. Penumbra Publishing has signed several UK authors.

    Agents are a wste of time and effort because they don't want us. The key for new writers is to find an honest small publisher.


  14. Congrats!
    You're tally is actually still quite low given the current trends in the market and the easily double digit numbers other authors boast of.
    Last Wednesday I took off to Stuttgart for a long weekend in Germany. We had a good time. We played games, went shroom picking, ate all kinds of local foods at a winefest, and basically just relaxed. Just got back and am catching up with blogdom. : j