Thursday, 1 April 2010

Insomniac Chronicles

I suppose the title is shameless hyperbole. I'm not really an insomniac. Nevertheless, I think it probably says a fair bit about me if I tell you that it's nearly seven in the morning, it's gotten light outside, and I haven't yet been to bed. I write this with the heavy, tired yet wide awake eyes of somebody who has been having a very difficult time sleeping lately. 

I've been doing a half-module on sleep this year. The Literature of Sleep. We've spent so many hours analysing novels that focus on sleep and dreams. We've spent hours discussing insomnia, narcolepsy, dreams, sleepwalking, metaphors, allegory, sleep as healing, and so forth. What I'd give for one of those seminars now. Talking so much about sleep always made me sleepy in spite of the fact that they were very interesting seminars. I could use that now. But, without a seminar, I'm left on my own, in a very pretty student bedroom the size of a matchbox, with a desk light and a lamp with a dull bulb because the old one fused. So, instead of pondering sleep or sleeping, why not use that time productively?

Blog posts are productive, me thinks.

I've been watching an awful lot of Grey's Anatomy. Am madly in love with Kevin McKidd, whose Owen Hunt and Poseidon are both properly edible, and who happens to be a fantastic actor to boot. So, I've been watching Grey's Anatomy when I can't sleep, or when I can't work. I was hoping to finish a dissertation chapter today, but I haven't done that; and I was hoping to finish the first chapter of Half today, but I haven't done that either. Instead, I've done absolutely nothing useful and will have a heck load to catch up on over the rest of the week. Must keep up with my weekly quotas of academic/book writing.

On the writing front, I've received two more rejections to my query for ECHOES. That brings the total up to 4 rejections out of 10 letters sent, of which only one was a request for a partial before that was rejected. Ah, well. 

Have discovered a new song. Lenka - Trouble is a Friend. I love this song, and when I usually discover new songs I love, I normally listen to them constantly until I'm sick of them. Listen count of this song at the moment: six times. Joyful.

I might try to write more of Half. I wonder if I'll ever get to bed this morning, or if I'll have to stay up all day and go to bed really early tonight.

I blame Grey's Anatomy. All those doctors and those unearthly hours and those long shifts without sleep. It infects you. 

Update at 8:09 AM. Have now listened to the song about 16 times. Might need sleep.

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  1. poor sangu! hopefully you'll be better soon, and i'm sure malibu will help?!?