Sunday, 25 April 2010


If you're in the mood for a quick laugh as well as in the spirit to admire a bit of cleverness, have a look at the following song: 'F.E.A.R' by Ian Brown. Every line of the song has four words in it, and each of those words follows the pattern of beginning with F, then E, then A, then R. For example: "(F)orget (e)verything (a)nd (r)emember..."

What's amazing is, it makes sense.

It made me laugh and it also made me wonder: could I pull such a feat off? Probably not, but let's all have a try, shall we? Pick a word, and write four lines of a song that make sense, each line of which must follow the above pattern. Post it into the comments! I'd love to see somebody else try this and probably do better than I will.

My attempt: L.O.V.E (yep, I'm a cheesy sap, why not?)

Lucky Oliver volleyed everything,
Losers out, victory everywhere,
Lucky Oliver's victims eschewed
Lovely outraged vindictive [grr, no words come to mind here]...

So that was tripe, wasn't it? But it was the best I could do. Clearly, cleverness with words is not my thing. A worrying omen, for a writer...  Still. I do enjoy entertaining myself with things like this.

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  1. added bonus is its a good song! lovely outraged vindicative egotist maybe?