Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Pet Peeves

Yesterday, Steve guest-blogged about the things that irk him on the road, so I thought I'd follow on from that fun little rant and mention a few of my pet peeves. Mine won't be nearly as specific as Steve's, but there's a good chance I might get a tad worked up.

  • Text-speak. Oh, flipping heck, this drives me up the wall. I literally feel like pulling my nails out. Maybe it's the word-lover in me, the chronic writer that feels a little bit sick when faced with an enormous text message that goes something like 'Hey u ok? Gng 2 da mvie 2nite? Thnk it cud b gud, rite?' Oh, my eyes. My eyes.
  • Waiting. Such a silly pet peeve, but I really can't stand it. I'm one of those people who wails because someone's keeping a surprise from her; I get royally ticked off when people are more than ten minutes late, and Patience is one of those beautiful, airy words that always floats a few miles out of my reach.
  • 'You're' instead of 'your' or vice versa. Please, please don't.
  • Unforeseeable events that completely ruin things. I'm sure everyone hates these. Case in point: the unpronounceable volcano in Iceland. Now, I'll admit I wasn't personally affected by this. This time. But as someone who flies between England and India at least twice a year, I kept thinking about all the people who were stranded at an airport or in a random country, felt appallingly sorry for them, and also felt immensely relieved that I'd dodged that bullet this time. *frantically knocks on wood*
  • Airports. You'd hate them too, if you'd once had to spend twenty-six hours in a freezing-cold airport, wedged into the most uncomfortable chair in the world. And, because you were going to a hot country, you had nothing warm enough to wear. And oh, there was a cockroach. [No, I won't mention which airport this was, because it's now gone out of use and there's a shiny and perfectly nice new one in that city instead.]
  • Animals dressed in clothes. Sorry. I think this is weird. I wouldn't put my dog, cat or rabbit into dresses, waistcoats or scarves. I make an exception for monkeys here. Monkeys with hats and little coats are cute. They're cuter without the clothes, but still, cute.

And as a final note, I can forgive/live with all of the above. I'm not that grumpy.

Now I'd love to hear yours. Pet peeves? Weird stuff that really irritates you? Do you happen to like any of my peeves?


  1. all are fair, especially carl-talk.

    this doesn't mean i'm going to tell you your birthday present.

  2. Biggest pet peeve of all, not knowing about my birthday presents. Grrrr. :)

  3. for all the people out there who don't know....

    Sangu will be "OLD" on May 14th 2010.

  4. Oh, thanks.

    To anyone who might be reading this horrific slander upon my character: I'll be twenty-two. That's NOT old. As for certain other people... *cough* Steve *cough*... ancient. Positively ancient.