Monday, 5 April 2010

Touching on new projects

In the interest of a) not losing my newest book ideas and b) an attempt to gather some responses to these ideas, I thought I'd touch on a few of my ideas for new projects/future projects. Are these good? Do they sound like they'd work? Do they sound too much like something else already out there/are they too outlandishly new? 

I don't know about the majority of writers, but I know some wrestle with these questions all the time. Sometimes, we need somebody to tell us when we've got a really brilliant idea. Other times, we just need to let those ideas stew for a while, and if one of them just won't let go, that's the one we start writing.

Bear in mind the 'titles' below are simply fillers until I think of titles that really fit the story.

Illegal; a story set in a dystopian future Bangalore, where the paradoxical protection of culture, science and tradition has led to a city nearly devoid of love or humanity; where a young girl meets a time travelling boy and falls in love, the greatest crime of all.
[Have just begun the first draft.]

Swan Song; a retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. When David's young wife dies, he can't move on and he can't bear it. He spends his days playing his piano, playing songs of such sadness that when Sephy Gray walks by his house and hears his music, she cries for the first time in years. She takes David to her husband, the strange, mysterious Harry Gray. A story about the line between the dead and the living.
[Early draft in progress.]

Wings; a retelling of the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus. A heartbroken father and his young son move back to the village the father fled years ago, only to lose themselves in the kind yet prejudiced village life, where magic is a word to be afraid of. The father can think of only one way to free his son: to fashion him wings, to take him away...
[Early draft in progress.]

The Clock Keeper; a boy who sees the future before it happens, and a girl who loves to plan weddings. When the boy asks her to plan his wedding, they embark on a strange and perplexing journey.
[Outline stage.]

There. A brief reference to ideas. To be honest, in the practical sense, ideas are useless without a story. But they can be unbelievably thrilling.

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  1. i always forget how many ideas fly around your head!!!