Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Today I thought I'd briefly ponder something I just read on Twitter, tweeted by author extraordinaire Neil Gaiman:

Great meeting with Moffat & co. Spent 10 mins on how to rewrite the script for next series, 30 on fantasy casting. Ace new title sequence.
Perhaps I'm dense and uninformed for not knowing this already, or not being sure, but does this perhaps refer to Steven Moffat of Doctor Who writing fame? Is Neil Gaiman, one of my favourite writers, writing Doctor Who episodes for the new/next series? From some general Twitter stalk-age, I gather (but please don't take this as fact) that he is writing episodes and that it might well be for the series starting this weekend, with the new Doctor. 

This is kind of exciting if it's true. Between Steven Moffat, who wrote the amazing 'Blink' Doctor Who episode among others, and the other writers, and Neil Gaiman, I think the new series could be fantastically written.

I love David Tennant's Doctor. I'm going to miss him grievously. However, I'm willing to give Matt Smith a chance. I loved him in the BBC Sally Lockhart adaptations.

Now what are the odds that we can get Neil to write episodes for a new, compulsively faithful adaptation of Sherlock Holmes?

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  1. doctor who doctor who doctor who doctor who doctor who.

    I'm not remotely excited.

    Maybe just a little.