Monday, 29 March 2010

Cut, Polish: Editing a Novel (Part One)

A return to the writing world for a short post. Someone asked me a while ago about editing a novel, and asked me how I do it. I'm going to save my long explanation for another post, and, for now, offer advice from two authors who have not only been published, but who are very successful and no doubt actually know what they're talking about. So if anyone is interested in fine-tuning or editing a novel but has no idea how, I highly recommend the many pages offered by Kate Mosse (author of the bestselling Labyrinth, amongst others, and owner of a truly beautiful website too) and Holly Lisle (prolific, successful, and full of wonderful advice about writing: the art, the business, etc).

One of the most useful things for me, as a writer trying to get published, has been getting good advice from successful authors and agents. Visiting author blogs and agent blogs is a great way to meet people and talk to people who have made it. I hope to be able to post many useful links and resources on this blog over time.

Coming soon: a post on the way I personally edit/work. I've taken heed of the advice of many professionals, including author Jo Baker, my creative writing tutor this year. Ultimately, though, the way you work is completely your own and that's what I'll be talking about in 'Editing a Novel (Part Two)'.


  1. i'll read these if i ever write my book instead of imagining it vaguely :/

  2. Indeedy. At some point I'm going to force you at knife-point to write one of your books.

  3. Really enjoyed Labryth, much better than the similiarly themed "Da Vinci Code"...

  4. I'm looking forward to see the post you mentioned writing.