Sunday, 28 March 2010

Guest Post from Steve: Let me lower the standard of writing

Hello, everyone! My name is Stephen, and I am the Steve that Sangu refers to now and again. Sangu, in a weaker moment, gave me access to guest posting on the site. Big mistake. I'll occasionally contribute inane, badly spelled and grammatically incorrect posts that make little or no sense. Hopefully you'll like them! My first thought is on one of my favourite phenomena: 

One-Eyed Drunken Text.

This may be a mystery to some, but to everyone else it's probably a dark memory buried as far away as possible. To paint a picture, one has drank a few drinks of an alcoholic variety. Then you leave your fortress of solitude, and venture out into the big bad world. Have a few more drinks. Enter some sort of 'discotheque' establishment. Few more drinks, whip out your phone to send a text message to a friend and


You can't see a thing. This is bad. You bring the phone closer to you, until you hit yourself in the eye. Slight panic - where has my sight gone? And then salvation, your addled brain tells you to shut one eye and focus on your phone again... 


My sight has returned! Now, my best scientific explanation for this is that your brain has too much alcohol in it to be able to cope with assimilating two slightly different images from each eye, and create one clear image as it does all day, every day. So you get a blurred concoction, until you shut an eye and allow your brain an easy ride. 

But this isn't really an attempt to explain it, simply to nod my head, and say "Thank You" to the human brain for this wonderful, if odd, ability we have. 

Be back soon, 


  1. I think your scientific explanations are dodgy in the extreme. However, welcome to the blog! I like this post. It gave me one of those 'ohhh yeah' moments you have when you realize something that you've never really thought about before.

    Am NOT pleased about the resultant 'About me'/'Contributors' debacle.

  2. i love the fact that google ads knows that i have eye aids. -->