Friday, 3 September 2010

This Week I Love...

...Angel slices. These are soft, sweet, moist little sponge cakes and they are amazing. If you haven't tried them and can get your hands on them, grab them instantly! If they don't take your fancy, feel free to send me the rest of the box!

...Revisions. Yep, they're incredibly hard work, but it's also so amazingly satisfying to work on your book and tweak and cut and change, and see it grow stronger as you do. I've been doing a lot of these this week, so I'm feeling particularly drained yet satisfied.

...Spooks. British TV show about spies working for MI5. Steve and I are pretty much addicted to this, we watched the first three series in about two weeks. The only downside is the repeated departures and deaths of beloved characters. Ye-ouch. But Adam Carter? Oh, boy. Sexy much?

...The music from Love Never Dies, the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera. I'm a bit of a musical junkie. I'd go to the theatre every single day if I could.

...Conversations on Twitter.

...Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay, sequel to The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Okay, so I know everybody's talking about Mockingjay and most of you are probably sick of hearing about it. But it was a great book. I had some serious quibbles with it, but I loved it anyway. My recommendation? Read The Hunger Games trilogy.

...Steve. But this holds true for every week. God, I'm a sap. But really, look at that facial expression. Isn't it just priceless?

...The Wii Fit Plus and the balance board that comes with it. Oh. My. Heathcliff. Not only is this addictive, but it's actually good for you! Every game does something useful to your body, like help improve your balance, or build up certain muscles. You can yoga it up, or do some aerobics, or have a snowball fight which is just incredible fun. No, it's probably not as good for you as going for a run in the woods. But if it's raining (as it often is in this charming land) and it's cold and you just want to burn off some energy indoors, this is a perfect way to burn those calories and work off that energy.

What do you love this week?


  1. And this week I love....
    My two books that arrived today, thanks Sangu!
    I ADORE Spooks,too. Did you see Rupert Penry-Jones's "Who Do You Think You Are?" He's actually got some Indian ancestry and he was so excited and honoured, bless him. xxx

  2. hehe, you just posted on my blog right now and I'm on yours! Great minds! :)

    Aw, Steve. Who couldn't love him?

    Right now I'm loving BLOGGERS! You are all SO FAB! You included, of course. *mwah!*

  3. Ah, Talli, great minds indeed. And I'm totally loving bloggers too! Yay for us!

    Vix, yay! I ended up only posting them yesterday because I got unbelievable sidetracked on Wednesday, so I'm so glad they got to you so quick! And I am totally going to track down the Rupert Penry-Jones clip now!

  4. Spooks!! I do completely love Rupert Penry-Jones but then I shed real tears when Mathew Macfadyen got bumped off in it. Luckily Richard Armitage is there now to keep the lust factor high.

    I love the fact that I'm going to lounge in the garden sipping Crabbies in about half an hour!

  5. You've totally song bombed me... Now I have Beatles in my brain.
    All you need is love. Dadumdadadadum... All you need is love, love... Love and pastry.

  6. I'm sure Steve is thrilled with that photo, too.
    I'm loving a three day weekend!

  7. want to get my hands on that angel slice!!!

    this week im loving the long weekend, the sun, the love from my family and my nieces [but that not a weekly thing...hehe]

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