Monday, 27 September 2010


I have always wanted to

1. Go to Italy. Rome, Venice, Florence. Take a boat down the canals and see the sights and eat Italian pasta and pizza in Italy.

2. Create a male character who mourns the loss of a nipple hair so deeply, he holds a funeral for it. Sadly, he never quite fits into any of my stories, no matter where I try to squeeze him in.

3. Go to France and visit a patisserie. And eat cakes, obviously. And drink wine at an outdoor French cafe. It just sounds so cosmopolitan, don't you think? (And okay, so I don't actually drink wine, but hey. It's a fantasy. In reality, I could just substitute wine with, I don't know, baguettes. Mmm. Warm French bread.)

4. Walk into a bookshop and see one of my books on the shelves. I can't imagine this would be anything less than amazing. Not to mention surreal.

5. Become an archaeologist and, ya know, find cool artifacts and learn how to use a bullwhip. If my writing career fails, you know where to find me.

6. Cook delicious and extremely complicated things. And take photographs of them so that they make other people's mouths water. Unfortunately, I usually just don't have the time or inclination to spend more than an hour, tops, on cooking. Buuut my cousin has started a food blog, and it always makes me hungry, so I'm settling for that vicarious pleasure.

7. Be one of those people who can say outrageous things on Twitter like 'Well-balanced exercise today. Writing for my mind and sex for my bod' and totally get away with it. (Yes, this was a real tweet I happened to stumble across)

What have you always wanted to do?


  1. I've done #1 (best pizza in the world) and #3. LOL at #2. Good luck on that. Hope #4 happens for me one day. Took archaeology as a course in university. That ended that career ambition. Not quite Raiders of the Lost Arc. ;)

  2. Heheh, your number six is the one I relate to the most.. Except that it's a wish come true for me. ; j
    I always vaguely wanted to be the kind of person who makes friends where they go... But I still need to work on that. :þ

  3. Ah, if only I could cook fancy things :) Love your list!!

  4. Well I've done 1 & 3. I suppose the English version is tea and cakes somewhere splendiferous like Betty's - have done that too! Clearly my travels are food based.

    I've always wanted to be braver. I think I'm getting there.

  5. I've done 1,3 and I suppose I can do number 6, too being a trained chef (but I'm too darned lazy most of the time). I don't understand what Twitter is, vintage by name, vintage by nature. xxx

  6. #2 has me worried...

    And hey, you WILL see your book on a shelf one day!

  7. Ha, great post. :) Seeing a book on the shelf would be pretty amazing, that's for sure. :)

  8. Have done number one and it's SO WORTH IT!

    Still working on number 4 ...

  9. I'd like to do 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 too...I'm with Ale on #2...