Thursday, 9 September 2010

Me, You and the Blogosphere

This post is supposed to tell you a few things. One of them is to say that I've changed my blog background. This time, it's something I made myself and spent about three hours trying to upload (and then decided it's not that spectacular anyway, but I'm fond of it so it's staying for now), so be nice about it. Okay, you can be horrible about it, but that means I'll just cry a lot and ruin that perfectly nice cup of coffee sitting there. Not to mention those unblemished Post-It notes, just waiting for stunning insights.

Another thing I wanted to say was: I have been a fairly crappy blogger of late. I don't post as often as I'd like. I want to blame it totally on the new round of revisions I've been working on, but it's also the fact that I just can't spend as much time on the laptop as I used to. It's been giving me the worst headaches lately, so when I do come on here, I tend to write, revise and, if I'm lucky, flash quickly to a few of my favourite blogs and throw in a tweet or two. 

I intend this to change soon soon, hopefully when these revisions are done, and I hope to be able to blog every weekday. (The Character Geneses series is still going on, this is just one of my rambling interruptions.)

And I also wanted to talk about you. Yes, you, my much-loved blogging friends. There's so much going on in the blogosphere right now and I thought I'd highlight a few of my favourite things, like Julie Andrews.

Talli Roland has a blogsplash scheduled for December, and she's looking for a thousand bloggers to join in. It has to do with her book, The Hating Game, which sounds way fun in my opinion, so do go on over and check it out! Alex, Jen and Elana have been posting about blogging this week, so have a peek at their blogs because I expect you'll stumble upon one of their excellent posts on the subject. V. R. Barkowski just got an agent - I know, how awesome is that?! Alesa is writing a complex fairytale and I'm really enjoying it! And have I ever pointed you to the blog of the one and only Vintage Vixen, whose daily posts about her incredible and creative outfits always cheer me right up?

Oh, and on a bloggy note: how the heck do I change the size of my font? I can't access the old template format, and the new template designer doesn't have size options. I think. This irks me because I want a bigger font size for my posts!

So that's the world today, dear readers. Now I must force my aching head back to my revisions. 


  1. I like the new look! Sorry, don't know how to change the font size.
    Thanks for mentioning our blogging session this week. Two sharp ladies and one dumb guy!

  2. Those are some amazing links and yes, I think you did a wonderful job on your background. I have a difficult time with the lines of the paper but that's just me.

  3. Loving the new background, Sangu! Thanks for the mention.Hope you get rid of those pesky headaches soon! xxx

  4. Thanks for the plug! But you shouldn't have! I might get a fourth reader! then where will I be?
    Changing the font is easy enough, just switch to html and code it by hand. Here's a clear tutorial that explains manipulating fonts in html simply.

    To get to the HTML, click on the "design" Tab then on "edit html" and code it in where you want it. : j

    Of course back up your blog before doing anything with the html, so that if you mess up you can always go back to the prior version and try again.
    Perhaps your setup is at an awkward angle? How are you alignments? Screen-> eyes, keyboard-> body, chair->desk, etc?

    Take care! You head is precious real estate! Imagine what happens to all the characters it houses when you have a head ache!
    Next thing you'll know your character will be sitting you down for a long talk about what you're doing to their property value. ; j

  5. Thanks for the tip, Alesa! I think I've worked out how to do it, hooray!

  6. I like this format - much easier on the eyes than the black background! And thank you SO much for the shout-out! Yay! :)

    PS - As my number one book launch fangirl, you can call me whatever you like!

  7. Thanks for the cool links to some very cool bloggers...and just maybe you might consider a trip to the eye doc...headaches are so not fun!
    And I like the look of your blog :)

  8. I like the changes...Not that I had any complaints before. :) I hope you are feeling better. I finally went to the dr. and had a sinus infection....seasons are so much fun!

  9. I started my blog because I wanted to write and connect with people and I knew a blog was the way to go. Later I discovered it was a good move for my writing career, as well. Not only in building followers, but in honing my writing skills AND I have learned so much about writing and publishing and agenting, etc, from my fellow bloggers. I'm hooked. :)

    In the new template design there is a way to change your font, not sure about the size. I'm not looking at it right now but, if I remember correctly, it's the last option on the right. I know you can change your font colors there and I'm pretty sure you can change size, too.

    I have my screen set to read everything at 150%. That usually takes care of small fonts for me. Hope this helps. Love your new background!

    ~that rebel, Olivia