Friday, 1 July 2011

Reader Request: I Do

A picture-filled post today! Talli Roland demanded requested more wedding photos and I'm pretty darn sure she's going to stick a hot poker in my ear if I don't comply, like, now. So here we are. A flashback to January. I'm telling The Story of Our Wedding in Four Photographs.

That's the wedding cake, sitting on our kitchen table the night before the wedding. You can also see a) my father's legs and b) the glass of Pina Colada I guzzled almost compulsively in the hopes that it would ease my terror of Walking Down an Aisle. (It didn't.)

The aforementioned terrifying Walk Down the Aisle. We had music. We had a whole minute of music picked out for this very moment, actually. Everything had been timed. Fifteen seconds in, I was at the front and they had to turn the music abruptly off. Yep. I sprinted. All I could think was OMGsomanyfacesIthinkI'mgoingtofaintmustgettherenow.

I think I was reaching for Steve's ring here, to put it on his finger. You can't tell from this photo - obviously, because that's his back you see there - but he was a little teary at this point. Probably thinking 'holy s***, what am I doing? I'm condemning myself to a lifetime of making tea while my wife becomes a hunchbacked crab over her laptop!'

You have to feel for the boy.

And finally, that's us cutting the wedding cake at the party afterwards. It's not one of my better facial expressions, I'll admit, but I blame it on the cake. I swear the thing did not want to be cut. It wasn't tradition that compelled us to cut it together - it was necessity. Neither of us could so much as make a dent in it on our own!

So there you have it. Cakes, booze, terror-inducing Walks, rings and a groom who is no doubt by now wishing he'd never met me or my laptop. It was the best day ever.

What was your best day?


  1. My wedding day wasn't the best, but the days following have been awesome. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  2. What beautiful photos! :) Thanks to Talli for demanding it! :D

  3. Loved the anecdotes, they definitely show the, uh, unique aspects of your wedding. Digging the teamwork against the cake, a good sign for the marriage!

  4. You really did look beautiful and I loved Steve's choice of vivid tie colour.
    Thanks for sharing these! x

  5. Yay! FINALLY!

    I'll put down the hot poker.

    Thank you for sharing photos of your big day, Sangu! I'll stop bugging you now (sort of).