Saturday, 17 July 2010

Summer Lovin'

I don't think I'd do very well on Come Dine With Me, much as I like watching it. I've proven a very shoddy hostess today, as all my well-meaning plans to host my grand blog house-party fell to bits. So I'm going to have to save the party for another day. Never fear, we'll be cracking open the wine and clucking sympathetically at my 'this house is full of spiders' stories soon enough!

But for all you wine-lovers out there, I have to sneak this in: Stone's Ginger Wine. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I've never really liked wine, and until we moved into the house, I never drank it much. Now I drink the ginger wine pretty darn often, it's lovely!

I think the one of the reasons wine has grown on me is the summer. I mentioned our heatwave yesterday, which has been only a small part of this year's English summer. Yes, there's been sun. Gasp. There's been sun in England. There've been whole days when it didn't rain, I mean, can you imagine?

Irony aside, the summer's been gorgeous. I've actually been able to get great wear out of my summer sandals and sunglasses, I've been able to wear what I like - it's even been hot enough that I've stopped boasting that 'I'm Indian, I can take the heat'... erm, yeah. Apparently I can't take the heat all that much.

The downside? The summer hasn't done much good for my writing. When I'm not involved in house stuff, I'm looking for a job, so my writing time is limited already as it is. When I do have the time, it's too lovely outside to stay by a laptop much. More significantly, it's too warm to sit still for long, to concentrate on my story. Even when the story's begging to be written, I find I can't stay focused on it long. Any suggestions on how to fix this that doesn't involve expensive air conditioning?

How do you spend your summer weekends? What do you like best and least about the summer? How does it inspire you - or cut away at your inspiration?


  1. I tend to spend my summer weekends at work. Much fun :) lol

  2. Best laid plans often go astray......the good news is that God loves us and His son Jesus the Christ died for our sins so we would not have to pay the price. Check out the book of John in the Bible to find out how to be changed from the inside out. May you find the right path for life.

  3. I love ginger - wine how ever I can't do. I'm allergic to alcohol ;p

  4. Mmmmm, ginger wine! I haven't had it in years, I may have to invest.
    The British summer really has been a good one so far. It's wonderful to leave the house without being laden down with brollies, cardis and jackets...long may it last.
    Summer weekends are all about car boot sales, music festivals and road trips in the camper van and sitting in pub beer gardens.
    PS Not liking the sound of the spiders!

  5. Nicole, that's a shame! Perhaps some sort of un-wine-related ginger alternative? :)

    Vix, you've got to try it again! And your weekends sound brilliant, the results are obvious in your blog!
    Yeah, the spiders are a wee bit of a pain :)

  6. Ginger wine - yum! I've never been much of a wine drinker either, but now I'm on the hunt for this.

  7. I'll pass on the booze too...
    That said, I have my ginger pressed and mixed, in small quantities, into my lemonade!
    LoL, I guess genes can only take you so far...
    Congrats on the weather and more specifically the pleasure you derive from it!
    Summer weekends... For me, are pretty much like all other weekends and weekday evenings.
    My crypt is nice and cool, and it feels comfortably warm outside.
    Weekends are spent lazing around, cooking deliciousness, making or listening to music, getting dosed with stories, and futzing around online...
    Oh yes, and fighting off demons that threaten to consume my soul unless I dance the chicken dance. : j