Monday, 26 July 2010

Creative Spaces (and yay! A new desk!)

To celebrate the fact that I have a desk in our new house, I thought this would be a good time to share my creative space with any and all who might be curious. I don't know about you, but space to work and write and fiddle is so important to me.

Do you feel the same way? Where and how do you work? I'm eager to hear stories about maps covering walls, notes scattered over coffee-stained desks, and more!

Case in point- I must have written about a thousand words of my novel in total in the four weeks since we moved in, all of which were written hunched over the coffee table. Then, this Saturday just gone past, after getting my new desk? Four and a half thousand words between 7 pm and about one in the morning. 4500. Yep, it looks starker with the numbers, doesn't it?

Desk, I could kiss you.

So here it is, my creative space-

Tucked into the corner of our living room, there it is. My desk, the chair, the lamp, oh, delight, delight, delight! Oh, and you can even see Steve in the mirror - I think he's out in the hallway fiddling with something.

 A look at my space today. Laptop, mug of stationery, a notepad, a notebook, a pen, and Post-Its! Trusty Post-Its! And my drink, today a glass of ice-cold green tea and raspberry-flavoured water.

Hey, don't mock it till you've tried it!

A closer look at my notes. The notepad's full of editing and other random notes. The notebook's a more organized attempt to detail plot threads, character, and other important details (like, for example, what an echo's Mark looks like).

Oh, and a peek inside my stationery drawer! What's that? Look, more Post-Its! And a pair of sunglasses my mother gave me two years ago, but I never wear them.

And that, dear readers, is a peek into the Creative World of Sangu. Happy Monday!


  1. That's an impressive amount of words to get done in one day! I'd love to read some of your stuff - it all sounds so intricate and interesting.

    Hurrah for the new desk and you're clearly a girl after my own heart with your shiny collection of Post-Its.

  2. Nice working area! I notice you have a lovely chair which is at least as important as a nice desk. : j
    Also notice that you use the laptop's keyboard... If I had a laptop, I'd connect a real keyboard to it, that's the only way I'm comfortable typing.
    You desk, notes, and drawer all look serious and writerly. Makes sense I guess, after all you did write a whopping 4500 words in an evening. ; j

  3. Thanks, Alex! Hopefully you'll get to read some of my stuff when I next post extracts. And as a fellow Post-It fan, I congratulate you.

    Alesa, the chair is actually a tad low for the desk, but it's such a lovely chair it's hard to complain!
    Given the way the chair/desk is laid out, I'm actually thinking that a separate keyboard would be a better idea, but I'm so used to using my laptop that I'm not sure I'll bother. I agree with you on the comfort level, though! Do you use a desktop computer, then?
    Haha, I know, I feel very serious and writerly with this desk - until I remember that I'm spending most of the time online giggling at funny blog posts and craving jam on toast :-)

  4. Yeah, I use a desktop with dual monitors on a low coffee table and sit on the floor.

    If the chair is a tad low for the desk, you could set a keyboard drawer/tablet underneath the bottom of your desk: when you pulled it out, you could make it at just the right height.

    Nothing unwriterly about jam and toast! I'm sure it has fueled the creative impulses of many a great author; jam, toast, and booze. ; j

  5. What a lovely space, Sangu! Very clean, fresh and minimal, not surprised it got your creatives juices flowing. What a fantastic outout! Post-its rock!
    Thanks for letting us take a peek. xxx

  6. Alesa, indeed it has. Jam, toast and booze must be the Creative Food of Choice ;-)

    That's a good idea about getting a lower tablet fitted in, I might try that if I get tired of sitting on a cushion in the chair (ha!)

    Thank you, Vix, that's exactly how I like to work: somewhere clean and fresh, though usually cluttered by the end of the writing day :-) and yes, Post-Its do rock!

  7. What a cute space! Looks like an awesome place to work :)