Friday, 23 July 2010

List Day: This Week's Obsessions

1. Song 
'Collapsing Cities' by Get Cape Wear Cape Fly feat. Shy FX - I heard it on BBC's Radio One a couple evenings ago and I'm kind of in love with it now.

2. Books (Reading)
Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall and Maggie Stiefvater's Linger. I read the first one a few days ago and bawled my eyes out, and the second one is sitting right in front of me as I write this - and I am dying to pick it up and dive in.

3. Drink
Pimms and lemonade. Yikes. New addiction to surpass my love of ginger wine? I tried this for the first time yesterday and it wasn't quite love at first sight, but it rapidly grew on me. Perfect summer drink, topped with ice.

4. Book (Writing)
Book Two of my Echoes story. I swear scenes, characters, conversations run riot in my head at all hours of the day. I think they're getting especially worked up because I haven't been able to write much of it out in the last couple of days. This is, alas, because my OCD has returned and no font (for now) looks right. I dream of Vendetta Light, but it costs too much to buy.

5. Books I Really Want to Read But Can't Afford to Buy Right Now Because I'm Flat Stony Broke and No One is Hiring Me 
Keris Stainton's Della Says: OMG and Justin Cronin's The Passage. The latter's just been such a surprise 'blockbuster' and the former trickled my way courtesy of the lovely Talli Roland. I then read the blurb and excerpt and I was hooked. 

6. Goal
To get a freaking job. I've applied for a ridiculous number and gotten only one interview thus far, and then promptly failed to get that job. Oh, employers. Why do you hate me so?

Oh, and while I'm dreaming: I'm also kind of obsessed with getting agented and published. My manuscript is still out with an agent and I shall hopefully hear yay or nay soon. 

7. Food
Kind of craving a pizza this very minute. But also, I am totally obsessed with French Fancies right now. For those of you who are tragically unaware of the wonderfulness that is a French Fancy, it's a little cake that, quite frankly, I would die for.

But don't hold me to that, okay? 

So what are you obsessed with this week?


  1. I just want some time to sit down and read. I think I'm going into withdrawal this week. I do have three stacks of books next to my bed though and no weekend plans, hurrah!

  2. Alex, I know that feeling! When we first moved house a few weeks ago, I barely had time to eat, let alone read, and it was a very sad thing :-( Hope you can read all you want this weekend!

  3. I've slowly divested myself of most of my obsessions. It feels good!

    Happy weekend!

  4. I'm itching to read Animal's People by Indra Sinha, it's looking at me from the bookshelf all wrapped in cellophane waiting to be cracked open but I can't start it until I've finished the book I'm on.
    I'm also obsessed with chilled rose wine and mushroom pathia and the thought of having both later is driving me nuts. xxx

  5. Pimms! Pimms! Pimms! And rosé.


    Oh, you have to read Della Says. It's such a lovable book and i love Keris' writing style, too.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I am obsessed with getting to next weekend so I can have a day off. Lol. And mostly, my goals look the same as yours ... write, read, get agented, get published. Nothing drastic.

  7. My obsessions this week have been goats cheese, broad beans and tomatoes. The later are growing on my balcony, the former I haven't quite got room for yet. My summery cooking repertoire is coming on a treat though

  8. Obsession? Hmm... I don't really obsess, but I've been making up a strategy board game in the back of my mind this week. And I've also gotten a lovely new kendama (japanese ball and cup). Fun fun!

    I had never heard of french fancies... I can make out all the parts but the lump on the top under the fondant, is that vanilla cream?

  9. Mohammed, you're a new commenter! Welcome to the blog!

    'Animal's People' sounds intriguing, Vix, have you had a chance to get to it yet? I'd love to hear what you think of it!

    Thanks, Talli, have a great weekend too! Pimms weekend, perhaps? :-)

    Hope you get to that relaxing weekend, Miss Rosemary, and it's nice to see similar goals to mine - I'll cheer you on, yay!

    Roo Paprika - yikes, what a brilliant name! I love cheese, but I've never tried goats cheese - any good? And it does sound like a fabulous summer cooking repertoire!

    This board game sounds interesting, Alesa, how does it play out? And yes, yes, it is in fact vanilla cream and they are delicious!

  10. It plays like a mixture of shogi and chess with a modular board. With added complications and twists allowing for more creative strategy rather than systematic strategy. If I ever get around to finishing it, I'll put up the rules on part gilt part gold with pictures of the protoype.

    French fancies sound quite easily achievable at home. : j