Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Five Things for February

It's time for that... irregular?... feature again! I think I did it in November, and then kind of neglected it in December and January, and now here it is again and it kind of covers December, January and the little we've seen of February too.

1. I watched the 2009 BBC miniseries adaptation of Emma a week ago and I LOVED it. I always thought the version with Kate Beckinsale was the best adaptation, but this one beats it by a mile. For one thing there's more of it. Four hours of it. For another I really, really like Romola Garai. For yet another, Jonny Lee Miller is eye candy. There's no two ways about it. It's funny, it's touching, it's really great. If you're an Austen fan and haven't yet seen this one, go watch it!

2. We're moving house. Again. Three moves in about three years. It's a big fat pain in my rear end. (On the bright side, if we get the house we want - and there's no telling whether or not we will - it's a lovely house.)

3. I love Grey's Anatomy. And especially Chandra Wilson, Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd in it. I have been a huge fan for a long time but I don't think I've ever said so on here. Or maybe I have. Either way, I love it. In fact, I love it so much I sometimes dream about it. You know something's got its claws into you when that happens.

4. Massive website redesign! My old one was driving me crazy. I didn't really like the way it looked anymore, but it was also a huge, huge trial to update. Literally took me twenty minutes to get in there and change or add, like, a sentence. Which meant, of course, that it put me off updating the darn thing and what's the point of a website if you're not going to share new and current stuff?

5. And this. Because it's cute.

What have you been up to recently? Are you a fan of Emma or Grey's Anatomy or babies? Moving sometime soon? (If the latter is a yes, I feel your pain.)


  1. On what aisle did you find that toy?
    Sorry about yet another move, but I hope you get the house you want.

  2. That's so awesome that you like the BBC miniseries of Emma! :D I've watched it half a dozen times, even though I think it's like 3 hours long. It's just so good. And Jonny Lee Miller is so perfect as Mr. Knightley!! Glad that you liked it. :)

  3. Haha, such a cute picture! And I love that Emma version, mainly because of Johnny Lee Miller. :)

  4. I'm obsessive about Grey's too. Been a fan from the very beginning. And you're not the only one who dreams about it :-) LOVE Sandra Oh.

  5. Baby fan. Truly.
    Are you still going to live in the same county? Lovely rainy-gonna-hailey England, eh?
    Just about to start Part 3 of The Lost Girl. I love this book. ESPECIALLY Lekha... She's so much like me that if she looked like me she could totally get away with being my echo. I love all the characters... Well maybe not Adrian. Pooeyman (can't say that in my review he won't be referred to as exactly that).
    Ahh... I think me & Ray have a love/hate relationship as I write this 'feedback'.

  6. We were taking a cat to the vet and was getting everything ready. When I turned around our niece who lived with us had climbed into the cat carrier and shut the door.

    Good luck on the move, I hope you get the house you want.

  7. Moving is such a pain. Good luck. And I love Grey's Anatomy, too.