Friday, 17 August 2012

TLG Blogpalooza: Word Cloud!

I'm going to skip my TEASE OF THE DAY today, because this post is going to be one giant tease. Enter: a word cloud.

Word clouds are, quite simply, awesome. Not only are they fun and pretty, but they've been incredibly useful for me. A word cloud taught me that I use the word just way, way, way too often when I write. I still do, but at least I've caught and removed some of them since.

Most importantly, though, they make an incredibly fun teaser.

Here's one of my favourite scenes from THE LOST GIRL. Full of spoilers, heartbreak and a whole lot of other things, it's also one of the most important moments in the book. And I'm giving it to you now.

In a word cloud.

It's also not too late to start entering to win stuff, so if you haven't had a look at the Blogpalooza page yet, go on over.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. How fun! I'm guessing that they're fixing up a nursery, and someone has green eyes. :) Can't wait to read the scene!


    ashelynnhetland @ gmail dot com

  3. There are a lot of intriguing words in that cloud!

  4. I need to do that with my current manuscript.

  5. I've really got no idea what's going on in this scene, but I REALLY want to read your npbook. This Blogpalooza has really convinced me...and I noticed I use "really" too much. I could do this every once in a while. Seems like a good enough idea.

  6. oh the word seventeen! HA, my favorite number (and four) haha. can't wait to read these words in a book! ;)

    iheartaeign @

  7. I love word clouds! They're so much fun.

    And green is one of my favourite colours. :)

  8. I'm going to have to go off and do a word cloud now. Very cool!

  9. *dies* SO many interesting words...

    mizuro_pearl at hotmail dot com