Friday, 10 August 2012

TLG Blogpalooza: The Eva Tour

A lot of THE LOST GIRL is pure invention. The Loom doesn't exist (that you know of, anyway). Echoes don't exist (ditto). The characters don't exist (I can't believe I just wrote those words. Egad.) So, you know. Fiction is lies and all that. But some of it, some things, are real.

Months ago, I talked about going up north on holiday, visiting my old university (Lancaster) and taking photos of places that feature in THE LOST GIRL (mostly the Lake District). Well. In today's teaser post, I'm taking you on a tour of the book - well, of some of the real-life places in the book. Ordinary, sometimes lovely places. Places you can actually go to, were you so inclined.

And, even more significantly, something important happens to Eva at/in each of these places. Maybe it changes her life, maybe it's purely emotional, maybe it's a moment that marks a turning point in her relationship with someone else.

Of course, I won't be giving you any details. Just this photo

and me, telling you what those pictures are of.

A coffee shop (in Bangalore. Coffee Day is a popular cafe chain in India)
Lancaster Rail Station (northwest of England)
A lake in the Lake District (again, the northwest of England)
Covent Garden tube station (London. Disclaimer: this one is a real place, but a loose image of a landmark moment in Eva's life. The moment actually happens about half a mile from here.)
Crossword (Bangalore again. It's a chain of bookstores in India.)
Windermere (the town. Again a slightly loose image, because the key moments happen to Eva in more specific places than The Whole Town, but this picture was as close as we were going to get to reality.)

Maybe, when the book is out, I'll have a contest. Match the Picture to the Moment. What do you guys think?

But if you want to win a signed, annotated copy of the book and other fun stuff in the meantime, don't forget to enter here!


'You've always been our monster,' says Adrian. 'Don't ever forget that.'


  1. Match the photo to the moment - that sounds like an awesome contest!

  2. I went to Windermere last year, and I don't know if I've ever seen such an idyllic place! Can't wait to see what happens there in your book!

  3. I love those pictures, and I agree with Alex- that match the picture to the moment sounds like a great idea! :)

  4. It was cool to see the photographs of the places! And it would be fun to try to match places to pictures once the book is out. :)

  5. Love seeing the photos of the places, Sangu! You're such a tease. :)

  6. LOVE Crosswords!! I can't wait to read your book, Sangu!

  7. ahh, I want this book right now! Love all the pictures. and I think you should definitely do the contest; it sounds fun!

    ashelynnhetland @ gmail dot com

  8. Wow? What could happen in six places and be so emotional. And I heard people DO usually die on railroad tracks in books?

  9. @ Julianna's comment above
    Railroad?! Now I'm VERY curious gahh. That aside, lovely pictures! I hope to discover the events that unfold there (or close to those places) :)

    mizuro_pearl at hotmail dot com