Friday, 30 March 2012

The Sad Songs Blogfest! (a.k.a Shed Tears Now)

Brace yourselves for some serious boo-hooing. What better way to celebrate the end of the week, right? Today is the Sad Songs Blogfest, hosted by Spunk on a Stick, so pop over to the link to see her song choices and the list of fellow boo-hooers!

(Sorry if it takes me a while to visit everyone on the list. I'll do my best!)

What the blogfest is about: list the songs that move your spirit, cut deep into your soul, and threaten to break your heart.

I love this theme! Some of the greatest songs in the world are sad songs. I sing to my baby (whether he likes it or not is another question, but that's neither here nor there), I yowl in the shower, I listen to the radio in the car, and, most importantly, I write with music. All of my books/stories/projects have a playlist (in fact, you can see THE LOST GIRL's playlist here.)

Which means picking just a few songs was almost impossible, but here we go. They're in no particular order. 

What these songs are about doesn't really matter. The only thing they have in common is all of these have made me cry. Yes, I am a sap.

1. Someone Like You, Adele
Ah, Adele. I'm sure this song is supposed to be as hopeful as it is sad, but I bawl. Bawl like a baby.

2. White Blank Page, Mumford & Songs
If you haven't heard this one, go do it. It's amazing.

3. Now We Are Free, Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard
Okay, so I don't even know what Lisa's singing about, but if this song didn't make you weep copious tears at the end of Gladiator, you're not human. I'm just sayin'.

and finally
4. My Heart Will Go On, Celine Dion
I know. Cheesiest choice ever, right? But I can't help it. There's that bit at the end, where everything crests, and I shed embarrassing tears every time. (Seriously cannot believe I'm admitting this...)

What are your favourite sad songs?


  1. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths, gets me every time! x

  2. Love a lady, who knows a great score... and you do!

    Please Check out My Sad Song List...
    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    Visit The Madness:

  3. heeheehee! i love your guts to admit the celine dion one. :)
    and adele
    she just broke all of our hearts with that song and gathered up the pieces, and now holds them all, huh?

  4. It's your list - be as cheesy as you want! Posted my songs this morning.

  5. If you didn't just plain cry at the end of Gladiator you're not human.

    I'm thrilled you liked the blogfest. I'm a sap for sad songs.

  6. I'm only familiar with the first, though I like Mumford & Sons, so i will check that out.

  7. Browsing the blogfest list. Nice song picks

  8. I'm so with you on that Adele song. I also like her song "Turning Tables." Jill Scott has a song that makes me weep and get all choked up. I may not have the proper title right but I think it's "Hear My Call". Just sad. Beautiful and sad.

  9. The Celine Dion song was nearly on my list.
    Great choices, all around. Soulful and lovely!

  10. Hi, Sangu,
    I've seen that Adele selection earlier today. Know that one by Celine, but not the others.

  11. Oh, of course you'd put the Celine Dion one up there - I try not to think of that tear-jerker!

    In other words: great list. :)

    Visions of Other Worlds

  12. First mention of Celine I've seen today. Great choices. Congrats on your upcoming debut! That's fantastic.

  13. I would choose Thursday by Asobi Seksu, or Addicted by Amy Winehouse.

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today. Adele's Someone Like You is a very moving piece....and congratulations on having your book come out later this year.

  15. My Heart Will Go On made my list too! Cheesy, but it touches my heart.

  16. Hated the end of Gladiator. What really moved me was Lisa Gerrard again at the end of Black Hawk Down.

  17. Great choices! Lots of people chose Adele!

  18. Love the one from Gladiator.
    Nice choices. Not cheesy. :)

  19. These are great choices. This is a great post. I really like your blog.

  20. CELINE DION? Really, Sangu? Really? :)

    I love the Adele choice, though.