Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Watching Willow Websplash!

Today is the official launch day of Talli Roland's second novel Watching Willow Watts - and she's hosting a fun 'If I Could Be Anyone, I'd Be...' websplash to celebrate! If you have a minute do pop over to her blog and celebrate with her, if you haven't already!

Here's a little bit about Willow's story-

For Willow Watts, life has settled into a predictably dull routine: days behind the counter at her father's antique shop and nights watching TV, as the pension-aged residents of Britain's Ugliest Village bed down for yet another early night. But everything changes when a YouTube video of Willow's epically embarrassing Marilyn Monroe impersonation gets millions of hits after a viewer spots Marilyn's ghostly image in a frame. 

Instantly, Willow's town is overrun with fans flocking to see the 'new Marilyn'. Egged on by the villagers -- whose shops and businesses are cashing in -- Willow embraces her new identity, dying her hair platinum and ramming herself full of cakes to achieve Marilyn's legendary curves. 

But when a former flame returns seeking the old Willow, Willow must decide: can she risk her stardom and her village's newfound fortune on love, or is being Marilyn her ticket to happiness? 

You can buy the Kindle edition on Amazon UK here or Amazon US here. 

I'm halfway through the book right now and loving it - honestly, it's so fun! - so GO! GO CHECK IT OUT! Inhale. Exhale. I'm calm. Don't worry. 

And on to the websplash... 

I can't think of anyone I'd want to be! At least not permanently. But if I could be anyone just for a day, I'd be Kurt Cobain.

Yeah, weird choice, right? I mean he was a boy, for a start. Which I am not. And he didn't exactly have the happiest life either. But I find him pretty darn fascinating anyway. I love music but have no musical talent, so I am always in awe of it - and I think I would have liked to spend a day in Kurt Cobain's head. Just to see where those songs came from; or how it felt to have calloused fingers and a desperate itch to play. Maybe I'd be happy being any musician for a day - I'd love to be Adele! - but I'm choosing Kurt for this websplash. 

That's my pick! Who's yours? 

If you're interested in taking a look at other bloggers' choices, Talli has a list up here. Happy mid-week, everyone!


  1. Cool! Sounds like a great book and a neat way to celebrate. Even though I was never a big Nirvana fan, I'd heard great things about Kurt's talent. RIP Cobain.

  2. Kurt Cobain! Now that's a surprise - I didn't expect that!

    Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking part, Sangu! xx

  3. Oh great choice. Kurt Cobain was a super talent. Such a sad loss.

  4. Oh yeah! Nice one! :o) First musician I've seen apart from mine.

  5. Kurt's a great choice, I love Courtney and it would be very interesting to be him see if she was as much a bully as she was claimed to be.
    I think I'd be Keith Richards, early 1970s and living the life of a tax exile in the South of France. x

  6. I totally get the reasoning behind Kurt Cobain. He was such a fascinating figure. :) Great post - I wish I was musical, too.

  7. Who would I be? Have to think about that one. Interesting choice.

  8. fun blogfest and congrats to talli! i'll have to stop by her blog next. new follower here and am happy to have found your blog. i'd love to be audrey hepburn for the day. i idolized her growing up, so she ws the first person to pop into my head! in fact, i loved all the movie stars from her time period, so talli's book is right up my alley! christy @

  9. Whenever I hear of Kurt Cobain, I think of Death from Hunger and Rage by Jackie Morse Kessler, since he was described as looking like him. LOL.

    Intriguing choice!

  10. He had quite the impact on music and was a brilliant performer. Great choice!

  11. Hello Sangu, you have an award over at my blog.

  12. I love reading people's choices. Tre interesting :)