Monday, 25 October 2010

time, where hast thou gone?

i am in a tizzy. i'm in such a tizzy, in fact, that i'm forgetting my capital letters. why, you may wonder? why this catastrophic departure from good writerly grammar? well, the fact is, i'm leaving for bangalore in less than 48 hours and i

Have twenty-three things left on my To-Do list, none of which have even been touched yet

Know there's something important we're supposed to be picking up at Asda before we leave, but for the life of me I can't remember it, and I'm sure it will be vitally important to my survival

Can't distract myself with writing. Time constraints have never stopped me from writing ferociously before, but wouldn't you know it, I've run dry? Every time I try to sit down to write, my mind goes magically blank and then fills up with a running commentary of the aforementioned twenty-three things left on my To-Do list and asks why aren't you doing them, Sangu, why?! which, you know, would drive the sanest of individuals into a tizzy

Wanted very badly to participate in Brenda Drake's blogfest, but have completely run out of time and ideas, so I'm so sorry about that!

And there are simply no cakes left in the house, which means I have resorted to biting my lip and fingers in lieu of heavenly sweet goodness.

it's not a good state of affairs, folks. it's a capital-letter-dropping, tizzy-wallowing, running-around-getting-stressed state of affairs.


  1. Don't panic! You've got two days. You'll get it done, sweets or not.

  2. I agree with the above comment. No panicking!! I'm so jealous you get to go to Bangalore! Sometimes the best thing for writing is to take a well-deserved break :) Have an amazing time...will be living vicariously through you, haha.

  3. Go and get things crossed off your list, then indulge in a very large cake! You've no time to be blogging.

  4. I want to go back to Bangalore and eat gobi aloo in Kochi's. I get in a right tizz whenever I'm about to go travelling but it will all come right in the end...promise! xxx

  5. Aww, sorry you couldn't participate in the blogfest. But I will hold one early next year with similar prizes. Maybe then. :{

  6. I always feel the same way before I go on vacation! Eat some chocolate - it helps. :)

  7. Deep breaths! :D

    And as for the blogfest... better luck next time? :)

  8. Hi,

    This life just moves too fast sometimes and no wonder we mortals are left dazed by its demands upon us. Pity you missed the blogfest! ;)


  9. Hey, no worries! Let blogging fall to the side, I'm sure everything'll fall into place. Have an awesome time!

  10. Any chance it was sweets you wanted to get at asda? : j
    Safe journeys, Sangu.