Sunday, 17 October 2010

Little rays of sunshine

As the weather in dear old England gets steadily colder and the days grow shorter, I need all the bright sunlight and cheery things I can get! Let's face it: I grew up in India, where it's hot more often than not (hey! Rhyme!), so how I'm going to learn to love the cold in the UK, I'll never know. So here are a few things I'm excited about...

1. I've just signed up to participate in Nina's FicSwap over at her awesome blog Wickfield! Click on the link for proper details, but the gist of it is that this is kind of a Secret Santa thing. You make a request for a story, while also explaining what sort of stuff you will and won't write, and then Nina will give you someone to (secretly) write a story for, while someone else will be (secretly) writing a story for you.

Quite frankly, I can't think of too many things better than getting a story for Christmas/New Year! So do hop over if it sounds like something you'd like to do.

2. Steve and I are going to Bangalore in ten days. Yes, that's right. To the land of sun. Of course, it's approaching winter in India too, but winter in India is downright springtime-y compared to what it's like here. Holiday! Hooray! I don't expect my blogging habits to change much because I'll be back in my old bedroom in my parents' house for a few weeks, with easy access to my laptop, so expect to hear tales from me.

3. Mary Byrne. She's a contestant on the current series of X Factor. She has an incredible voice, is a great sport, seems like such a nice humble person, and she's in her early fifties and is cheerfully competing against bright cute things half her age or younger - and doing better than most of them, in my opinion. She's such a joy to watch and her spirit is amazing! But the reason I really, really like her is quite simple: she's got a great voice and it's a singing contest. I could listen to her forever.

4. Writing. I write because I have to. I can't not do it. But often, it also makes me feel really excited and really happy. 

What's got you excited this week?


  1. I really like Mary too. And Matt Cardle. *sigh...*

    Have a happy weekend.


  2. Ooooh yes! I'm sort of rooting for a One Direction-Matt-Mary finale! :-)

  3. You love Wagner; you know you do! Come on! Hoop earrings and jiggly belly... yeah baby!

  4. Hahaha I DO love Wagner! He's amazing! I just don't think he'll last too long, there's always a point where people stop voting for the fun, quirky ones they love and go for the popstar-y ones they love! Sigh.

    Also, how ANNOYING is it whenever Louis calls him Wag-ner? I mean, COME ON! His name is Vaag-ner, everyone knows that!

  5. Hey, enjoy your trip!
    And you know what I'm excited about...

  6. Ahh I know the happy writer feeling - my rewrite is frustrating and FANTASTIC :) I'm loving that I've finally got my voice down pat!

    And we're moving in to Summer here YAYAYAYAYAY! ;p total skite moment *grin*

  7. Thanks, Alex! And yes, I do know... *jumps up and down* yay!

    Nicole, you are SO lucky. Sigh.

  8. Planning my November holiday - woo hoo! Can't wait for it.

    How long are you going to India for?

  9. Alex, I'll be there for about six to eight weeks depending on how long my new UK visa takes to turn up! So it's not entirely a holiday. Ah well.

    Where are you off to in November?

  10. Enjoy your time in Bangalore if possible. It's being mandated I know but pretend it is a holiday -- and if you get caught up in the pleasure of making it a holiday for Steve, perhaps it will become a holiday for you as well, as you view the familiar through his eyes.

    Like you, I write because I must. Gypsy, my cat, is ever so thankful that I discovered blogging. Now, she doesn't have to listen to all my stories over and over again.

    My best friend, Sandra, is fond of moaning, "If you can remember the joke, Roland, why can't you remember you've told it to me three times already!"

    As a challenge, I wrote a short flash fiction that details an ordinary mother sharing an ordinary moment of love and happiness with her small daughter in the park. It's my latest post. Come check it out.

    Have a great trip, Roland

  11. I need to get my ass in gear and book my India flights, pronto! I'm usually a whole lot more organised and the thought of Xmas makes me feel dreadful.
    I'm looking forward to a jumble sale this week, no surprise there then! xxx

  12. Have a great time going home! It's great that you can both go together!

    This week I'm feeling excited about dark fantasy filled nights, being zonked at work, and reading more the following night instead actually catching winks! : j