Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A brief reappearance... say I am so, so very sorry if it seems like I've abandoned le blog of late! First I whinge, then I vanish. It is inexcusable, but I have to offer my excuses anyway.

We've moved and all that is out of the way.


1. I'm devoting almost every waking moment to writing,

2. We STILL don't have our broadband set up (yes, Plusnet, I'm calling it. You are a bit s***),

3. So I have to do pretty much everything on my phone, including blogging, which is not easy. So I haven't done it. And probably won't until our home is a blissful wireless-ridden haven once more, and

(I love my phone. I tweet, post short updates, email and God knows what else on my phone. But writing long, (supposedly) intelligent pieces of text? No. Sorry, iPhone, I can't do it.)

4. I may or may not have a broadband connection in 2013. At the rate things are going, it's tough to say.

But AS SOON as time and the internet permits, I'll be back.


  1. Bummer no broadband! And you can leave one word comments for me. I'll understand.

  2. It would take some real dedication to blog with a phone. Glad to hear you're moved in, and your writing is going well.

  3. I know how it it. Writing blogs on the phone is just out of question for me. I just use it for checking mails. For me, nothing like using the desk top (and not in the office)

  4. My goodness, sounds like you've been crazy busy! Moving is yucko.