Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Five Random Things for November

1. Is anyone else watching The Mentalist this season? And is anyone else growing extremely weary of the fact that in four and something seasons they still haven't got hold of Red flippin' John? Just get rid of the loony, please. There's only so many melodramatic twists and dead daughters and we-killed-him-whoops-it-wasn't-him-oh-noes moments I can put myself through.

And I'm still angry about the fact that the show does not do red herrings well. A good red herring tricks you and when you realize you were wrong, you're like oh, I see. On The Mentalist, a red herring is sly, and slips in, and makes you think aha and when you find out what's really going, it leaves you with no explanation whatsoever. (Yeah. I still want to know why, two seasons ago, Bertram was quoting the same William Blake poem Red John did - and why that potentially OMG moment turned into nothing.)

(If you know nothing about The Mentalist, none of the above will make any sense to you. It's okay. A lot of it makes no sense to me, either, and I've watched pretty much every episode.)

2. On the bus the other day, I overheard this

BOY: You know how girls wear knickers, right?
GIRL: What, you don't wear underwear?
BOY: Yeah, but yours are tight-fitting. You know? So do you think they're supposed to be, like, a bra for your bum?

3. I saw Skyfall at the cinema last night. So, so good. (And just as good was getting a babysitter and getting out of the house, just my husband and me, without the baby for a while! We really don't do that often enough...)

4. The weather is ***t. Really. And much as I get the dismals on a dreary day, in some ways it sometimes feels worse when there's a bright day. It's like you look out of the window and it's all sunny and bright and shiny, and you think hooray, the sun's out and it looks so gloriously warm and I can almost feel it on my skin, and then you go out in a T-shirt, and you practically die on the spot. Because it's effing freezing.

Yeah. The sun lies.

5. And speaking of good red herrings, I really do love Agatha Christie.

Anyone else seen Skyfall recently? Are there other frustrated used-to-be-Mentalist fans out there?

And most importantly of all, do you think underwear is just a bra for your bum?


  1. Glad you enjoyed Skyfall! Big fan of the Mentalist as well. Yes, they need to get that guy.

  2. I'm not a James Bond fan but have heard so many good things about Skyfall I'm thinking about giving it a try. Hope the weather cheers up soon, it's rainy and cold here as well. Where did fall go?

  3. I'm dying to see Skyfall, maybe we can go this week, I hate those first few weeks of a film opening, the cinema's too full of rude people on phones!
    The weather is utter crap and with the sorry state of my pants I can't really offer a useful opinion! x

  4. Hubs watches the program and fills me in. He records it and watches them while I'm writing. I do like the Mentalist, but what will be the carrot if they find Red John? TV can stretch episodes very far - got to keep those viewers hanging on. . .

    Underwear (or knickers) as a bra for your bum? Possibly, but it takes a male viewpoint to think of that analogy. They do both cover certain parts, they can both be huge or very tiny, lacey or sporty, so yeah, he might have a point. After all, sporty cars have a 'bra' of sorts, too, don't they?

  5. I would love to see Skyfall. Not sure if it will happen but glad you and hubby got out to enjoy some just-you time. Cherish those moments and hopefully, take a chance to keep them as often as possible.

    Not a Mentalist fan so no frustration with that.

    Now I can't help wondering if underwear is a bra for the bum. I don't think so but it's funny thinking of it that way lol!

  6. Ha, love the random conversation! I'm a shameless eavesdropper, and some conversations are just fascinating. :)

  7. I'm planning to see Skyfall, so it's good to know you liked it. Hope your weather gets better. It's cold here, too.

  8. Hahaha! Love that conversation. A bra for your bum... yes indeed!

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