Tuesday, 24 July 2012

THE LOST GIRL Blogpalooza is here!

Update: before I get to the post, I just want to point everyone to The Book Addict's Guide, where I've been interviewed. Brittany asked some awesome questions and there's a giveaway, so stop by.

WELL. Here we are. It's a six-week blogpart-ay! We're celebrating the upcoming release of THE LOST GIRL. Am I excited? Maybe. Am I terrified? YES. A small part of me wants to hide the book away so that no one (else) ever gets hold of it. A small part of me is all WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

But we're ignoring that small part. FUN STUFF ONLY. And here's a sneak peek at what you can expect over the next few weeks

Book trailer
Character interviews and posts
An interview with my agent Melissa
A guest post from my editor Sara
Teasers (Photos, quotes, etc)
I talk about inspiration, editing, music andmore

And no blog party would be complete without a giveaway, so YES I'M GIVING THINGS AWAY! This bundle of goodies,actually:

What that is: a signed, annotated copy of THE LOST GIRL, Eva's personal Post Its, Mark stickers (what is the Mark? You may well wonder...), a pen, bookmarks, (maybe) a few temporary Mark tattoos, a copy of FRANKENSTEIN (not pictured) and a wooden elephant (not pictured), all wrapped up in that nifty bag! 

The giveaway is open internationally. The winner will be announced on August 31st.

How to Enter
1. Comment on posts in the event. The more posts you comment on, the better your chances. Every new comment earns you ONE additional entry. (PLEASE make sure you include an email address with your comment(s).)

2. Tweet about posts with the hashtag #tlgpalooza. ONE additional entry per tweet. (I may miss tweets without the hashtag, so don't forget to include it.)

3. The palooza will wrap up on pub day, August 28th, and I'd love for it to be a grand finish! So you can help by blogging about the book. A pub day splash! You can make a short announcement, or write a full post, or write a review (if you've read the book), whatever you want to do. Don't worry, I'll email all the information you may need about a week before the post date. Doing this will earn you TEN additional entries. (Please make sure you signup here to do this, or I won't know to count you in!)

So there you go!

Also: if you're on Twitter, there's some fun planned there too! My editor (@Sara_Sargent) and I (@SanguMandanna) thought we'd tweet favourite lines/quotes from the book a couple of times a week. My agent (@mjsarver) may get in on the action too! Some of my picks may show up here as my Tease of the Day, some probably won't. Either way, if you want to follow the teaser trail, we're using the hashtag #lostgirlquotes.

And finally
Tease of the Day
And her lips move. She’s telling me to defy them too. Because like Frankenstein’s monster, I could win.


  1. Thats a very nice cover! I love the design! Wow. Cannot get over the cover! Love it!

  2. Very cool prize package! I won't enter, as I plan to buy your book. Will help you with announcing the book though. (Although might have to do it a day early or late since I don't blog on Tuesdays.)

  3. Very cool--Lookig forward to Lost Girl!

  4. It sounds like it'll be awesome. :)

    That's a great tease!

  5. Looking forward to what you've got planned for Blogpalooza!

  6. Yay! Sounds fantastic, Sangu. What an exciting time!

  7. The Blogpalooza sounds awesome and I'm so excited to take a part on this

  8. O.O So freaking awesome. I'm quite sure I would drop dead if I won. :P

  9. OH MY GOD. CHARACTER INTERVIEWS?!!? Ohmygod....Sean!? Heh! Oh! I'm excited to see some of the music you wrote TLG to! Oh oh oh!! And what inspired TLG! Oh, man this is awesome!

    Also, the Mark symbol is SO SWEET! I'd totes flaunt that if i was an Echo! ;)

  10. I want this book sooooooooooooooooooo bad!!! I've read the synopsis and it sounds intriguing. And extra swag! *sigh

    *meditates I am te winner of The Lost Girl...I am te winner of The Lost Girl...I am the winner of The Lost Girl. Thank you for this giveaway :D

  11. Yes!!! I really want your book! It seems so good, but lately I've been busy. I want to get it once I can.

  12. Ohhh I wanna read The Lost Girl so bad! The goodies look great but my eyes are entirely on the book haha.