Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Covers, Conversations and More!

I can't begin to tell you how glad I am the last few days are over. I was ill, stressed out and generally not in any way happy with the world. But all that's over now, hooray! And I have lots of fun stuff to show off today. And yes, most of it is a bit behind the times, but better late than never, right? 

Last week I popped over to Manga Maniac Cafe for an interview. Julie asked some really great questions and I talk plenty of THE LOST GIRL, so check that out when you get a chance.

THE LOST GIRL has a German cover! I was super-excited to see it and really do love it - it's so strange that it's so different from the US cover, but they're both amazing and both capture the spirit of the book.

And finally, two fantastic reviews to share with you guys. I've mentioned before that Lauren DeStefano (y'know, NYT bestselling author of WITHER, FEVER and the yet-to-be-released SEVER?) blurbed THE LOST GIRL, but she's also recently posted a lovely review on Goodreads.

"Grief is a shadowy road that nobody wants to tread; it's a journey we'd all rather not take, and for that reason, I say that there are really no villains in this story. There are nightmarish measures, and there's cruelty, and things that would disturb Mary Shelley's ghost, sure. But beyond that, it's all about the measures parents would take to hang on to their child, what it means to die, what it means to be alive, and that terrible moment when you realize your loved one is not coming back."

The complete review's up on Goodreads here. Also, Kirkus reviewed THE LOST GIRL, prompting much squealing and excitement, so here's a little from them too:

"Both an interrogation of bioethics and a mesmerizing quest for identity, this debut succeeds through its careful development of the oh-so-human Eva and those around her. A provocative and page-turning thriller/romance that gets at the heart of what it means to be human."

As you can probably tell, I'm having a great day! Happy Tuesday, everybody. Anyone reading anything fun right now? Any fabulous reads to recommend?


  1. Awesome, Sangu! That's really cool your book will be available in German.

  2. Yay! Such exciting news, and that cover is GORGEOUS! Congrats!

  3. OMG, you got published? I haven't been on in ages and I'm so glad to hear this! Congratulations! And it two countries

  4. As I mentioned on Twitter, I adore the German cover. It's lovely and creepy and manages to capture the essence of the novel while still being entirely different than the US cover.

    And those are both LOVELY reviews. If I weren't already insanely excited for this, those reviews would've done it. :D

    Regarding fabulous reads--a couple really fantastic ones I've read recently are I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga and Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard. These novels couldn't be more different, but they're both absolutely incredible.

  5. That's a wonderful cover! I love how both the US and German version have a shadow image behind the main figure.

    Congratulations on the reviews! :)

  6. wow! indeed very proud! In 2 languages, no less? Kannada anytime soon? I can translate for you ;)...god bless...good luck...and many more to come..., Rupashree

  7. What a fabulous cover, I love it! x

  8. Congrats on the blurb and the interview. Also, I like the German cover. I just bought the Night Circus. Heard it was good.

  9. Happy happy day! That's fantastic, Sangu! So pleased to see good things happening in your world. :)