Monday, 31 October 2011

Personal Slaves vs Bottle Bags

I like thinking ahead. When I write the first page of a new book, a part of me is already imagining what the hardback cover might look like. It's silly, it's fun and it's harmless - I expect a lot of us do it. So in the interest of brightening up this Monday, I thought I'd share some of my expectations vs. the reality.

Two years ago, if I'd imagined what today might look like, my Fantasy To Do list might have looked something like this-

1. Buy gorgeous new dress for movie premiere
2. Acquire personal assistant/slave to deal with things like taxes and cooking
3. Buy new house. The old one's only got six bedrooms
4. Switch on Christmas lights
5. Write fourth bestseller
6. Buy plane tickets for holiday in Italy

Today, my actual To Do list looks a lot like this-

1. Copyedits
2. Get wall in (the only) spare bedroom fixed before baby is born
3. Ring HMRC about double taxation form
4. Buy insulated bottle bags (might be cheap on eBay?)
5. Write some more of a New Book (The One I Really Want to Go Somewhere But Which I Fear May Not Because I'm Having a Crappy Dry Spell)
6. Fix Twitter button on website

Ah, so glamorous.

What are your most outrageous (or exaggerated) fantasies?


  1. Don't you hate it when life doesn't go your way? Good news is you're young yet... and there's always next year. : )

  2. Darn that reality! I'd say movie premiere is a likely fantasy for me.

  3. The fantasy ones are brilliant! x

  4. I totally thought I'd be published by age 18 when I was a kid. It was a plan, a done deal. ... So, that didn't happen...

  5. This is such a fun post! I'm totally boring and don't dream big huge dreams because I'd get intimidated if I was too in the spotlight. Sadly it's probably a fantasy for an advance to get me some kind of house, even one that doesn't have six bedrooms.

  6. I wonder if your actual book cover will look anything like you imagined. Good luck with the Twitter button. I had problems with it on my website, too.

  7. lol Very cute. Hmmm fantasy to-do list.

    1. Get the Corvette painted from pink to sparkly pink.

    2. Upgrade the house from non-existent to extra large yet cozy (let the decorators figure it out...)

    3. Have my nails re-done for the fourth time today. I'm feeling polka-dotty :)

    That was fun lol.

  8. Ha! This made me laugh, because I wrote a list today too, and it's so unglamorous.

    I'd really like to hang out in Montmartre or Montparnasse in Paris and smoke cigars and drink wine and talk philosophy.

  9. Reality always gets in the way...

    Um, I think my fantasies revolve around going into a bookstore and seeing a book with my name on it. Hope reality doesn't mess with that one.

  10. Wow, so I think your fantasy list and my fantasy list are about the same :-)

    Darn that reality check! Too bad it can't be cashed it to pay for one of the many bills I'd like paid off.

  11. That really was my fantasy list. Maybe it's similar for all of us writing moms? I'd like to hope so, so that I'm not alone...Haha!

    P.S. I'm returning the blog hop love, and the book IT, by Stephen King scared the sh*it out of me. I also did not dress up this other unrealized fantasy. Maybe next year.

  12. Hi Sangu!

    I missed you (and a couple of dozen other bloggers) yesterday for Jeremy's blog hop.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  13. I love the idea of a fantasy to-do list. Could be a fun writing exercise for character development.

    Love your blog - glad I found you. New follower :)

  14. That's some outrageous fantasy list. Hope it happens!

    Mine is to walk back home after dropping of my kids at the busstop. Then I return home to write because I make enough from royalties to write full-time. We were able to move out of our 2-bedroom condo for a family of 4 to something with a backyard and 2 more bedrooms. Oh, and a driveway.

    And there are some pretty great handbags and shoes in my closet.

  15. My fantasy day involves winning the lottery and a spa, too.

    What are insulated bottle bags? Like an insulated carrier to keep bottles cool for transport? If so, fust FYI - this may be a standard feature on your diaper bag. My diaper bag has two insulated bottle slots. Saved the need to buy extra ones!

  16. Ah, the chasm between fantasy and reality....I hate it!

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