Monday, 28 February 2011

You Tell Me

Yes! It's time! Reader-driven blog posts!

It's been several months since I asked my blog readers what you wanted to read. And I thought that, as things are quite busy here and finding inspiration for interesting blog posts has become downright difficult, that I'd combine the two. And voila! A You-Tell-Me moment! 

For the next ten weeks (or more, if it catches on), at least once a week, I will post something a reader wants. These posts will be titled 'Reader Request: [insert topic here]'.

Any and all suggestions are welcome; it's up to you. What would you like me to post or talk about?

Throw suggestions into the comments, or send them along in an email. I'll post my favourite suggestions - I'd love to post them all, but I think there are some things I might not have anything to say about!

(Note: you can suggest more than one topic/request more than one thing! This will go on for the next ten weeks at least, so if you think of new suggestions/ideas, send them over anytime)


  1. Ha this sounds like fun. : j
    How about childhood food memories?

  2. I’ve read a few YA novels recently and I’ve been struck by how diverse they are. One was basically an Enid Blyton Famous Five style mystery with mobile phones and, at the other end, we have a book that includes man committing suicide by banging his head against a wall and a cow being set on fire with a flamethrower. How do you balance keeping things simple, in terms of, say, language usage and at the same time not talking down to the kids? With Mills and Boon they used to, as far as I’m aware, provide a guide as to what was acceptable in the novels they would print; does something similar exist when it comes to YA books?

  3. What a great idea. I'd love to hear your initial thoughts when you visited England for the first time. xxx

  4. Cool idea!
    Are you ready for the changes being a published author will cause in your life?

  5. Great idea!

    Hmmm. I can't think of anything at the moment, but I'll be sure to contact you if anything occurs to me!

  6. I'd love to hear more about your journey as a writer, from start to publication. How long did it take (if you can even quantify). Did you ever want to give up?

  7. I WANT MORE WEDDING PHOTOS! Come on, Sangu! :)

  8. I'd really like to read some more of your in-depth thoughts on fictional characters/relationships. I loved the top 10 post the other day.

  9. What are your thoughts about the link between fiction and non-fiction? How do you regard the suggestion that all writing is fictional and that all fiction is somehow based on the autobiographical?
    I'm pleased to meet you, Sangu. I travelled here via Jim Murdoch's wonderful blog, The truth about lies, via his home in Scotland and mine in Australia.

  10. Thank you for all the fantastic suggestions so far, everyone, I'm quite excited to start posting about these!

    Elisabeth, lovely to meet you too :-)